Experience the mysterious atmosphere of the rugged gorge and discover the peace and quiet of the wilderness. Enjoy the views opening out from the light-filled rocks and the scenery of the shady old-growth forests. Trek along the uncrowded trails and get to know Hiisi's stories and the park's cultural history.

Seeing the Sights and the Views

In Hiidenportti National Park, you can experience many kinds of atmospheres and landscapes on one excursion: the stunningly beautiful rocky gorge, the mysterious spruce forest, the beautifully rugged flower meadow and the open slash-and-burn field. Read more

Walking and Hiking

There are about 30 km of marked trails in the national park, so you can pick the one that suits you. For example, the Hiidenkierros Trail (3-5 km) is suitable for groups of pupils and families with children. The more demanding Kitulankierros Trail (10.5 km) runs via small-scale mires and through the lake scenery as well as to the gorge and Kovasinvaara Hill. In places, trekkers are entertained by the ripple of the River Porttijoki. You can stay overnight at a lean-to shelter or in a tent. You can set off on a longer hike by visiting the Teerisuo-Lososuo Mire Reserve or the Peurajärvi Recreation Area. Read more about the trails.


Photographic opportunities at Hiidenportti gorge. Photo: Eeva Pulkkinen

Hiidenportti National Park offers you the opportunity to photograph both big and small wonders, such as far-reaching views and tiny details, plants and birds, animal tracks and memories from the tar-burning and log-floating periods.

Other Activities

  • Observing nature: While exploring nature, you will note wonderful things. If you are quiet, you can hear the mysterious sounds and the silence.
  • Bird-watching: Spot the great grey owl, the national park's mascot! Curious Siberian jays follow hikers and, if you are lucky, you may also spot the rare red-flanked bluetail.
  • Fishing: According to everyman's rights, you can go hook and line fishing or ice-fishing on the national park's small watercourses and attempt to catch a tasty perch. Other fishing is prohibited. Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at kalastusrajoitus.fi (In Finnish).
  • Berry and mushroom picking: Pick blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus) and raspberries (Rubus idaeus) or edible mushrooms for snacks or to preserve for winter.
  • Skiing and snowshoeing: There are no maintained cross-country ski trails but you can challenge yourself by skiing on virgin snow or by attempting to snowshoe. The road to the Palolampi information point is not always ploughed, but it is easy to get to the park area from Käärmesärkkä in the southeastern corner of the area.
  • Learning in Nature: The national park offers good possibilities for nature education on school trips or camps. Ask for tips and more information at the Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.