Evo Hiking Area is just a short drive away from the big cities of Southern Finland. The area offers many kinds of nature-based adventures: pick your favourite from activities such as hiking, fishing, skiing and hunting.

Please remember that there is also a military shooting and practise area in Evo, which is off limits to the public.


Evo Hiking Area is an excellent fishing destination for beginners and seasoned fishermen alike, and therefore ideal for families. If you want to fish from a boat, bring your own boat. The lakes and ponds in the area are regularly stocked with rainbow trout. Lake Vähä-Koukkujärvi is reserved for fishermen aged 15 or under. Fishing on Lake Syväjärvi is reserved for visitors staying at the rental cabin there. There are also many natural lakes and ponds that are suitable for lure fishing and hook and line fishing in the area.

A child and a man fishing from a dock.

Fishing Permits for Evo

Evo Recreational Fishing Area

Natural Lakes and Ponds

There are many natural lakes and ponds suitable for lure fishing and hook and line fishing in the area:

  • Iso-Tarus
  • Vähä-Kelkute
  • Koveronjärvi
  • Evajärvi
  • Kylökkäänjärvi
  • Lapinjärvi
  • Sorsajärvi
  • Savijärvi
  • Rahtijärvi
  • Alinen Rautjärvi
  • Keskinen Rautjärvi
  • Ylinen Rautjärvi
  • Vähä-Ruuhijärvi
  • Latvajärvi
  • Rieskalammi
  • Valkea Mustajärvi

If you want to try lure fishing, you need to buy a fisheries management fee (eraluvat.fi).

Organising a Camp

The area's camping site is a great venue for events of all sizes regardless of the time of year. There is enough space for up to 10,000 people at once, or alternatively, the camping site can be divided into four smaller areas accommodating up to 100 people each. The various on-site facilities make life easy for organisers. Each section of the camping area has its own woodshed, toilet and campfire site.

Walk on Marked Trails

The area's varied terrain and endless woodland challenge even the most seasoned hikers. The difference in altitude between the area's lowest point and highest point is as much as 80 metres. The Ilvesvaellus hiking trail network comprises around 70 kilometres of marked trails of various levels of difficulty.

A good place to begin is Evo Centre, which offers information about the area and sells hiking maps. A map is a worthwhile investment, as there are also a lot of unmarked trails in the area. There are lean-to shelters, camping areas and campfire sites along the trails. Kindly notice that Evo Centre is open only when school HAMK is open, usually MondayFriday 816. 

Other Activities

  • Geocaching: There are several geocaches in the area.
  • Skiing: Skiing is one of the best ways to explore the area in the winter. There are also two routes for longer excursions (Päijänne-Ilves and Aurinko-Ilves), with lean-to shelters and rental cabins along the way. Alternatively, you can bring your own tent. The area also has around 15 kilometres of maintained cross-country ski trails. Remember to check snow conditions before arriving.
  • Climbing: Evo's climbing site on Hakovuori hill gives you a new perspective on the area's beautiful scenery.
  • Snowshoeing: If you are not into skiing, snowshoeing is another great way to explore the area's varied terrain in the winter.
  • Nature Trail: There are five marked nature trails (2–4 km) in the area that take you through old-growth forest, along magnificent eskers, across breathtaking wetland and down to bubbling brooks.
  • Pick Berries and Mushrooms: There are no restrictions on berry and mushroom picking in the area. Treat yourself to Evo's tasty bilberries, lingonberries and yellowfoot chanterelles!
  • Canoeing: Canoeing gives you a chance to admire the work of beavers. There are many beaver dams along the area's canoeing routes. Read more about equipment hire and guided tours
  • Hunting: A licence is required for hunting small game in the area. Read more about hunting licences (eräluvat.fi)
  • Cycling: There are many forest roads suitable for cycling in the area. There are also three new mountain bike trails in the area. 17 km long trail is marked with white stripes on wooden poles, 39 km with yellow stripes and 67 km with red stripes. Always stay on clearly visible tracks and pay attention to other hikers. 
  • Horse Riding: The area's many forest roads are also suitable for horse riding.
  • Guided Group Tours: There are numerous entrepreneurs offering guided walking and hiking excursions in the area.
  • Orienteering: The varied terrain makes the area ideal for orienteering in the summer. In the winter, orienteers can explore the area's many tracks and paths on skis. 
  • Swimming: There are no restrictions on swimming in the area. The best places for swimming are the jetties at Lake Ylinen Rautjärvi, Lake Keskinen Rautjärvi and Lake Alinen Rautjärvi, the sandy beach at Lake Alinen Rautjärvi and several jetties in the Niemisjärvet area. There is no official beach.
  • Hiking: For a longer hiking excursion, you can head towards Padasjoki along the Päijänne-Ilves route (13 km) or towards Asikkala along the Aurinko-Ilves route (30 km). There are lean-to shelters and rental cabins for overnight stays, or you can bring your own tent.

A cyclist cycling along a wide path through the forest.

Two hikers with snowshoes in colourful clothes by a snowy lake.