What's Currently Happening in Patvinsuo National Park

Check regional Covid-instructions before your hiking trip or a visit to a nature center.

Liminganlahti Nature Centre is closed 1.1.-4.2.2022. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is closed 10.1.–1.2.2022. Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed 1.1.–20.2.2022. Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu is closed 13.1.–31.1.2022.

In other nature centers in Finland, we require the use of a facial mask and keeping the 2 meter distance to other visitors. In addition, there may be requirements to show the Covid pass, and/or the number of visitors can be limited. More information Nature centers. The length of the restrictions depends on the region. More regional information can be found at the Finnish institute for health and welfare website.

Finnish Frontier Guard's Restricted Military Area

(Updated 19th of January 2022)

Entering Area Is Forbidden During Shooting Training.

The trail leading from Lahnalampi parking area to Pirskanlampi camping leads at points through the Finnish Frontier Guard's restricted military area. This shooting range is marked in the terrain by red circles around tree trunks. Entering the area during shooting practice is forbidden.

During 2022 shooting practice will take place:

  • 10.3.-13.3.2022
  • 28.3.-1.4.2022
  • 11.4.-14.4.2022
  • 21.4.-28.4.2022
  • 8.9.-11.9.2022
  • 26.9.-30.9.2022
  • 10.10.-13.10.2022
  • 24.10.-31.10.2022

There are signs in the areas vicinity and along trails leading to the area with information about shooting practice times.

The Nälmänjoki Rope-pulley Rerry Removed from Use Today

(Updated 1st of November 2021)

In Patvinsuo, the Nälmänjoki rope-pulley ferry is now removed from use. This will affect passing in the Patvin kierto Circle Trail: the path between Pirskanlampi and Majaniemi camping areas is out of use at 11/21-05/22 and Patvin kierto Circle Trail cannot be circled using the southern path during this time.

Check out Patvinsuo National Park's maps and trails when planning your hiking trip.

Suomu Nature Information Hut

(Updated 27th of April 2021)

The Suomu Nature Information Hut is open during summer season 2021 from 1.5. until 30.9.

For more information or resevations, the local guide Pekka Turunen can be reached by WhatsApp: +358 465 720 766.

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