Tips for the winter season excursions
Nälmänjoki rope-pulley ferry available until 31.10.2022
Virtasalmi bridge located on the Suomunkierto circle trail is renewed
Passage and movement restrictions
Ongoing research in Patvinsuo National Park

 Tips for the winter season excursions 

(Updated 7th of December 2022)

  • Get to know The Outdoor Guide to Finland’s National Parks. There you can find good instructions for preparing your next hike or outdoor excursion.
  • Trails in the Patvinsuo National Park do not have winter maintenance. The roads are maintained to parking areas of the Suomu Nature Information Hut and parking area in Kurkilahti. 
  • Check the forecast for the weather and the current snow situation. Prepare with supporting hiking boots and use snowshoes or forest skis in the deep snow. 
  • Prepare for the hike with enough drinking water and suitable snacks. Warm foods and drinks help the hiker to stay warm.
  • Days are short during wintertime. Before the hike, check the weather and the length of the daylight. Prepare for the hike with a headlamp or flashlight.
  • Remember to have warm clothes. Several layers of clothes are good for various weather conditions.
  • Read Outdoor Etiquette and Instructions and rules in the Petkeljärvi National Park
  • The National Park may have some areas where the phone connection can be bad. Download the 112 Finland application ( to your phone. When an emergency call is made through the 112 Finland application, the emergency center attendant is automatically informed of the caller's location.
  • Always check the warnings in advance (


Waste management is being developed in Patvinsuo National Park

(Updated 1st of December 2022)

We are developing waste management in Patvinsuo National Park. In the future, the toilets in Surkansuo and Surkanpuro will be changed to suction-emptied ones, which will simplify both the waste management and the post-treatment of waste. The installation work is still a little under way at the sites, so for now the toilets in Surkansuo and Surkanpuro will still serve as dry toilets.

The toilet in the Kurkilahti parking area and the accessible toilet located near the Suomu Nature Information Hut are suction-emptied. Please note that you should not add litter or put organic waste in a toilet that is emptied by suction. Garbage among the toilet waste can cause problems in the further processing of the waste.

Autumn hiking tips from our customer advisors

(Updated 3rd of October 2022)

The Nälmänjoki rope-pulley ferry available until 31.10.2022

(Updated 3rd of October 2022)

The Nälmänjoki rope-pulley ferry will be lifted up at 31.10.2022. The ferry is usable again after the winter, about at mid-May.

The ferry is located in the southern part of the Patvin kierto Circle Trail (25 km), between Pirskanlampi and Majaniemi camping areas. Until 31.10., Patvin kierto Circle Trail can be circled using the southern path.

Check out Patvinsuo National Park's maps and trails when planning your hiking trip.

Shooting training at the Finnish Frontier Guard's restricted military area

(Updated 3rd of October 2022)

The Patvinkierto trail leading from Lahnalampi parking area to Pirskanlampi camping area goes next to the Finnish Frontier Guard's restricted military area. This shooting range is marked in the terrain by red circles around tree trunks. Entering the restricted area during shooting practice is strictly forbidden, so stay at the marked trails.

During 2022 shooting practice will take place:

  • 10.10.-13.10.2022
    • 10.10.2022 1 pm - 6 pm
    • 11.10.2022 8 am - 12 pm
    • 12.10.2022 8 am - 12 pm
    • 13.10.2022 8 am - 12 pm
  • 24.10.-31.10.2022

There are signs in the areas vicinity and along trails leading to the area with information about shooting practice times.

Suomu Nature Information Hut

(Updated 24th of September 2022)

The Suomu Nature Hut in Patvinsuo is open 1.9.-30.9. Wed-Sun at 10 am - 5 pm. More information about the services and opening hours of the Suomu Nature Hut: Read more.

Virtasalmi bridge located on the Suomunkierto circle trail is renewed

(Updated 24th of September 2022)

Virtasalmi walking bridge along Suomunkierto Circle Trail is under renowal. The crossing of Virtasalmi is occasionally closed. You can also go around Virtasalmi by following the path on the east side of Alanne , which adds one kilometer to the route.

Insect Traps on the Shores of Lake Suomunjärvi

(Updated 20th of May 2022)

There are insect traps on the shores of Lake Suomunjärvi. They are not plastic rubbish. Insect traps are used to try to find out the species of beetles on sandy beaches. Please do not touch the traps if you happen to find it.

The researcher pours the liquid into a plastic jar sunk into the sandy beach. The second picture shows several traps on the beach.

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