Following enterprises offer services in Salamajärvi National Park and along Peuran Polku Hiking Trail. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable tourism ( when operating in the National Park. 

Guided Excursions and Nature and Outdoor Activities   

  • Adventure by Design (
    • Hiking, skiing, snow shoe walking and photography
  • Ekointernet Oy (
    • Planning and organising GPS guided trips in cooperation with local lodging and food service entrepreneurs  
  • Erä- ja luontopalvelut Hyväntähen (
    • Skiing, white water rafting, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hunting, hiking, theme excursions and nature excursions to national park
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Berry and mushroom picking, cycling and hiking
  • Husky Forest (
    • Dog sled rides, fishing and hunting
  • Luontopalvelu Erätaival (, in Finnish)
    • Guided hiking year-round
  • Metsäntenho, Muurame (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking, berry picking, mushroom picking and snowshoeing trips
    • Wild herb tours outside the national park
  • Sammalsielu (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking, theme excursions, silence, nature therapy and work welfare
  • Tietön Taival Oy (
    • Hiking-, cycling-, canoeing-, fishing-, snow shoe walking-, skiing- and theme trips, program services
  • Versona Oy (
    • ​Skiing, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, kick sledding and biking excursions

Equipment Rental

  • Luonnollisesti M&M (
    • ​Boats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boat, sup boards
    • Snowshoes, forest skis, kick sleds, sliding snowshoes
  • Tietön Taival Oy (
    • Canoes, bicycles, snow shoes and skis
  • Versona Oy (
    • ​Bikes (fatbikes), kick sleds, snow shoes

Food and Catering Services

Transportation Services

Lodging and Conference Space Services

Other Services 

For Entrepreneurs

Tourist entrepreneurs operating in national parks or other areas managed by Metsähallitus need a cooperation agreement. A fee is charged for using the routes and service infrastructure for business activities.