The blue-green algae situation can change quickly in the summer

(Updated 16th July 2021)

Researchers expect higher concentrations of toxic blue-green algae this summer than usual, spurred by continued warm, calm conditions ( So far, no blue-green algae deposits have been observed in Petkeljärvi's water bodies, but the situation may change rapidly as the heat cycle continues. Keep an eye out for the blue-green algae situation (

With the help of an easy glass or stick test, a hiker can check the blue-green algae situation (

Children and pets must not be allowed into contaminated water, and adults should also avoid swimming. Water containing blue-green algae must also not be consumed by people or animals, even after boiling. Any child or pet suspected of having been exposed to contaminated water should be thoroughly washed with clean water.

For your part, you can prevent the formation of cyanobacterial inflorescence by preventing detergents from entering waterways. Doing dishes or washing directly in the lakes can significantly increase the local nutrient load and the amount of cyanobacteria. Prefer biodegradable detergents and do all washing far enough, about 5 meters, away from the used water source.

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