Accessible Services in Southern Konnevesi National Park

The Southern Konnevesi National Park offers accessible services both on the lake and in the mainland. The Lapinsalo Island has an accessible dock and campfire shelter. You can explore a demanding, accessible 300 m loop trail at the Vuori-Kalaja Lake. The Vuori-Kalaja rest stop structures are built in a way that you can access them in a wheelchair. You can call Metsähallitus Customer Service to get a key for the boom to enter Vuori-Kalaja.

Accessible trails

Vuori-Kalaja's accessible services

The Vuori-Kalaja rest stop is located on the shore of the clear and rugged pond Vuori-Kalaja.

Directions: The dirt road "Vuori-Kalajan metsätie" leads to the Vuori-Kalaja rest stop. The road is closed with a locked barrier. Those who need to get to Vuori-Kalaja accessibly can request the lock code in advance from Metsähallitus Customer Service. An assistant may be needed at the rest stop and to open the barrier. The parking area slopes slightly laterally and longitudinally. Vuori-Kalaja can also be reached from the Kalaja public parking area along a kilometer-long trail, which is fairly easy to walk, but not accessible.

Vuori-Kalaja has the following accessible services: cooking shelter, campfire site and dry toilet. The trails that lead to the campfire shelter and the campfire site are hard-surfaced gravel and about 2 m wide. The trails have longitudinal and lateral inclines (7-17%). A ramp leads directly to the toilet door. The toilet seat has hand supports but there is no free space on the sides of the seat. Bring your own toilet paper. You may need own light source in the toilet, also during daylight hours. The firewood shelter has a high threshold.

Lapinsalo Island

A fairly wide and flat route leads from the dock on the island of Lapinsalo to the campfire shelter. However the route has considerable longitudinal and lateral inclines. Lapinsalo's dry toilet does not meet the accessibility criteria. Explore the services of Lapinsalo island for boaters.

Accessible services provided by partner entrepreneurs

Visitors to Southern Konnevesi National Park can also contact the park’s partner companies to enquire about guided accessible excursions. Explore the services of Southern Konnevesi national park's partner companies.