The Starting Points of the Nature Trail

The nature trail can be reached from the parking area along Myrgrundsvägen road (road number 6741). Walk along the smaller Öjenvägen road about 300 metres until you see a small bridge and information sign on your left side.

The nature trail can also be reached from three other entrances that are situated by the nearby roads in the area. These entrances are marked with signs.

Öjen Nature Trail

Öjen's nature trail is 4,5 km long. There are 11 information signs along the trail that tell you about the area's nature, medicinal plants and folk tales. There are also maps showing your location. The trail is easy to walk on because the terrain is fairly flat. However, please remember that the duckboards can be very slippery depending on the weather conditions. It takes about 2,5 to 3 hours to go around the trail.

  • Facilities: at the campfire site, there are benches, firewood, an axe and a dry toilet.

Nature trail passing through spruce forest.