Things to Do and See in Oulanka Visitor Centre

Check regional Covid-instructions before your hiking trip or a visit to a nature center.

Liminganlahti Nature Centre is closed 1.1.-4.2.2022. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is closed 10.1.–1.2.2022. Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed 1.1.–26.1.2022. Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu is closed 13.1.–31.1.2022.

In other nature centers in Finland, we require the use of a facial mask and keeping the 2 meter distance to other visitors. In addition, there may be requirements to show the Covid pass, and/or the number of visitors can be limited. More information Nature centers. The length of the restrictions depends on the region. More regional information can be found at the Finnish institute for health and welfare website.


  • The babble of streams, the roar of rapids, the thunder of waterfalls. The sound of flowing water is the heartbeat of Oulanka National Park. In Oulanka National Park, all kinds of wanderers travel across time and seasons. The roar of rapids and the wild wanderers of Oulanka are now captured by the Oulanka Visitor Centre's new sound reproduction and film equipment. We warmly welcome you to see the Visitor Centre's A river flows by exhibition and the Land of Seasons nature presentation. 
  • The space for temporary exhibitions will provide you with a chance to explore various art genres.

Two customers having a closer look at an exhibition and another is leaning against a desk in the background. There are sheep hides on the bench in the middle.

Guided Group Tours

Book a guided group tour in advance at the visitor centre's customer service desk.

  • Group Tour to the Exhibition A River flows by, duration 1 h
    • Target group: suitable for all ages.
    • Presentation of the Oulanka Visitor Centre's exhibition: introduction to the biodiversity, history and cultural heritage of the area, as well as an film presentation.
    • Price 50€/group (max. 30 people/group, incl. VAT 24%). Available by reservation all year round.
  • Excursion to the Most Impressive Waterfall in Finland, duration 1.5 h
    • Target group: suitable for all ages.
    • A guided introduction to the biodiversity, animals and history of the area. Walking distance to the Kiutaköngäs Waterfall 1 km.
    • Price 50€/group (max. 30 people/group, incl. VAT 24%). Available by reservation all year round.
  • Fascinating Plants of Oulanka, duration 1.5 h
    • Target group: the 3rd-6th graders.
    • Exploring the plants growing along the Kiutaköngäs Trail and admiring the gushing river waters and the rugged red dolomite cliffs.
    • Price 1.50€/pupil (max. 30 people/group), max. 50€/group (incl. VAT 24%). Available by reservation from May to September.

Films at the Auditorium  

At the visitor centre's auditorium, you can watch presentations (free of charge) on the national park. A wide range of nature-themed films. The presentations are played on request.

Children's corner 

At the children's corner, children can play nature-themed games and try their hand at fishing. The play corner also has plenty of children's books, colouring pages, and soft toys.

A child having a close look at the ant-exhibition and an adult is squatting next to the child.

Reference Library

The Visitor Centre's reference library has an extensive selection of literature on plants, mushrooms, birds, and mammals.

Nature- and Hiking Trails Starting from the Visitor Centre

During the Snow-Free Season

During the Snowy Season

Outdoor Etiquette

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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