The Pyhä-Luosto Trail has been well marked and there are several rest spots along it, so the trail is also suitable for inexperienced hikers. However, it is necessary to have basic hiking knowledge and skills. It must also be noted that the weather in the fell area may change rapidly and in case of accidents, it may take time for help to arrive. There are no accessible services on the trail.

It is advisable to plan your trip in advance by buying the Pyhä-Luosto outdoor map, on which the trail has been marked. Despite the good markings along the trail, you must always take an outdoor map with you! When using navigation equipment, please note that the destination's name at the trail's finishing point on the Pyhä side is Pyhä or Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi.  


Terrain varies a lot along the trail. It is easy to walk some parts of the trail but there are also steep uphill and downhill sections, especially on Ukko-Luosto Fell and at Isokuru gorge. There are rocky sections on the trail but they have worn under hikers' feet and have become rather easy to walk on.
There are duckboards on the wettest spots and bridges across the rivers.

Duration of Hike

Depending on the conditions and experience, backpackers hike an average of about 3 km in an hour. However, the weather conditions affect the trail's difficulty level and the speed of hiking. If it is foggy, the visibility from one signpost to another may be poor. The wind blowing on the fells may also make the hike demanding. Allow 3–4 days for taking the entire trail.

Winter Use

You can also ski or snowshoe along the summer trail but it's not marked or mainteined as a winter trail. Inexperienced winter hikers and skiers should stay on the maintained skiing trails that run on more low-lying lands.