Starting points for Excursions

You can take the Pyhä-Luosto Trail from north to south or vice versa, and you can choose the section that is most suitable for you.

  • The most important starting and finishing points are Käyräsvaara (along Highway no. 4 close to the village of Torvinen), the Luosto and Pyhä resorts and the Pyhä-Luosto Visitor and Culture Centre Naava.
  • You can also set off for the Pyhä-Luosto Trail from Rykimäkero or via Huttujärvi.

Unobstructed entrance to the building, to the left of which are signs and a terrace of Cafe Loimu restaurant. On the wall of the building there is a sign "Nature and Culture Center Naava".
Trail Sections

The Pyhä-Luosto Trail is not a circle trail. It can be divided into sections on the basis of the locations of the rest spots.

  • Käyräsvaara – Yli-Luosto 6 km
  • Yli-Luosto – Ukko-Luosto 12 km
  • Ukko-Luosto – Huttujärvi 16  km
  • Huttujärvi – Pyhä  11 km
  • Read a more detailed description of the summer trail.
  • The cross-country skiing trail network ( in the area is used as a winter trail. Part of the network is located within Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Snowshoes are also suitable for winter excursions if you are an experienced explorer.

Trail Markings

On the part between Käyräsvaara and Luostonloma, the trail has been marked with wooden poles on top of which sit white and blue walker signs. From Luosto village centre, the trail is marked with yellow squares on trees. The trail follows also partly along the national parks shorter marked trails which are marked according to the trail colour. There are signposts along the trail at the crossroads.