Hiking Trails

A broad duck board route through an open mire with forest in the background and light clouds in the sky.

Starting Points for Trails

  • The starting point for Sokanaapa Nature Trail is at a parking area situated on road 965 (Savukoski road).
  • There is a trail from Alaköngäs road in Luiro Village to Kairanaapa bird watching tower.
  • Directions to trail starting points

Nature Trails

  • Sokanaapa Nature Trail 1.2 km (back and forth) sets off from the parking area and leads to Sokanaapa bird watching tower. There are duckboards along the entire length of the trail and the trail is accessible, which means it can be travelled in a wheelchair or with a baby pram. The bird watching tower is also accessible by wheelchair with a bit of assistance. There are boards along the trail which have information, in Finnish, on mire nature. Note! At the moment the duckboards are in very poor condition, they are no longer accessible, please be careful while walking on the nature trail.
    • Services: accessible dry toilet, bird watching tower

A wooden ramp towards the bird tower. The wooden structures are old and covered with moss. In the background is a mire, in front are birches that have already shed their leaves.

Old Roads and Tracks

  • A trail leads from Alaköngäs road in Luiro Village to the Kairanaapa bird watching tower.

Canoeing Routes

  • The River Luirojoki is suited for canoe treks lasting several days, but can also be paddled in shorter sections. The canoe route which leads from Lokka all the way to Pelkosenniemi is 144 kilometres long. The route is suited primarily for experienced canoeists seeking peace and solitude of the wilderness as the area is secluded and there are hardly any services along the route. 

Snowmobile Trails and Tracks

  • Visitors who wish to travel by snowmobile along the snowmobile track, which runs between Savukoski and Pelkosenniemi and leads across Sakkala-aapa bog in an east-west direction and through the southern portion of Kairanaapa bog, need an off-road vehicles permit. For more information on the snowmobile track permits see the Eräluvat.fi-website (eraluvat.fi).