Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

Pouring coffee at Ukko-Laavu lean-to-shelter. Image: Teemu Kuisma

Following enterprises and other organisations offer services in the national park. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism when operating in the national park.

Guided Excursions

  • Access Lapland Oy (
    • Skiing, fishing, snow shoe walking, hiking, mtb biking
  • Amethystmine and Lampivaara Café (
    • Sacred walk - thematic tour to Lampivaara, stories about geology, history and Pyhä-Luosto
  • Arctic Horizons (
    • offering only private guided programs as hiking, fishing, ice-fishing, nature knoledge, cross-country skiing, snowshoening,
  • Arctic Joy (
    • hiking, snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing, 
  • Bliss Adventure (
    • Snowshoe and sliding snowshoe hikes, hiking, cycling, cycling with fatbikes, ice climbing
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking, berry or mushroom picking and biking
  • Lucky Ranch (
    • Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoe hikes, canoeing, hiking, thematic hikes
  • Ice skating park Luosto (tel. +358504956414)
    • Ice skating
  • Kairankutsu "The Call of the Wilderness" (
    • Cross-country skiing, bird watching tours, thematic tours to villages (cultural history, war history)
    • Hiking tours: Pyhä-Luosto National Park, Sokanaapa and Kilpiaapa aapa mires, many interesting sites in Eastern Lapland
    • Boat-, fishing- and icefishingtours, 
  • Kairosmaja (
    • Cross-country skiing, snowshoe hikes, canoeing, hiking
  • Kopara reindeer experinence (
    • Reindeer safaris
  • Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi (
    • Cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, dog-sledding, snowshoe hikes, berry and mushroom picking excursions, snowmobile safaris, cycling, thematic tours
  • Lapland Safaris Luosto (
    • Cross-country skiing, fishing, dog-sledding, snowshoe hikes,snowmobile safaris, reindeer programs, northern lights tours
  • Lomakeskus Pyhän Asteli (
    • Cross-country skiing, bird watching, fishing, hiking, snowshoe hikes, berry picking excursions, snowmobile safaris, cycling
  • Pyhä Safaris (
    • Fishing, dog-sledding, snowshoe hikes,snowmobile safaris, reindeer programs icekarting
  • Pyhätunturi Ski School (
    • Alpine and cross-country skiing, off piste skiing, randonnee skiing, snowshoeing
  • Wild Hikes Finland (
    • Skiing, hiking, fishing, bird watching and paddling tours
  • 66 Arctic Adventures (
    • Skiing, fishing, white water rafting, bird watching, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hiking, theme excursions, northern lights excursions, photography

Equipment Rental

  • Access Lapland Oy (
    • Renting terrain bikes
  • Bliss Adventure (
    • Snowshoes, fatbikes
  • Ice skating park Luosto (tel. +358504956414)
    • Ice skates
  • Kairosmaja (
    • Canoes, boats, snowshoes, skiing equipment
  • Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi (
    • Cross-country and downhill skiing equipment, snowshoes, mountain bikes
  • Lapland Safaris Luosto (
    • Skiing equipment, snow shoes
  • Lomakeskus Pyhän Asteli (
    • Rowing boats, bikes
  • Pyhätunturi Oy (
    • Alpine and cross-country skiing equipment, Stigas, snowshoes (at Hotel Rental Shop uphill)
  • Wild Hikes Finland (
    • Hiking equipment
  • 66 Arctic Adventures (
    • Snow shoes, touring skis, forest skis,  canoes, kayaks, SUP-boards, climbing equipment, hiking equipment, tents, sleeping bags, tent sauna

Food and Catering Services

Transportation Services

Lodging and Conference Space Services

Other Services

For Entrepreneurs

Tourist entrepreneurs operating in national parks or other areas managed by Metsähallitus need a cooperation agreement. A fee is charged for using the routes and service infrastructure for business activities.