Tips for the winter season excursions 

(Updated 7th of December 2022)

  • Get to know The Outdoor Guide to Finland’s National Parks. There you can find good instructions for preparing your next hike or outdoor excursion.
  • Trails in the Ruunaa Hiking area do not have winter maintenance. The roads are maintained to parking areas in the Neitikoski and Siikakoski.
  • Check the forecast for the weather and the current snow situation.
  • Prepare with supporting hiking boots and use snowshoes or forest skis in the deep snow. 
  • Prepare for the hike with enough drinking water and suitable snacks. Warm foods and drinks help the hiker to stay warm.
  • Days are short during wintertime. Before the hike, check the weather and the length of the daylight. Prepare for the hike with a headlamp or flashlight.
  • Remember to have warm clothes. Several layers of clothes are good for various weather conditions.
  • Read Outdoor Etiquette and Instructions and rules in the Ruunaa Hiking Area.
  • The Ruunaa Hiking Area may have some areas where the phone connection can be bad. Download the 112 Finland application ( to your phone. When an emergency call is made through the 112 Finland application, the emergency center attendant is automatically informed of the caller's location.
  • Always check the warnings in advance (


The crossing boats of Airovirta, Naukuniemi and Vastuuniemi available until 31.10.

(Updated 24th of September 2022)

The crossing boats at Airovirta, Naukuniemi and Vastuuniemi are usable until 31.10.2022. The crossing boats are usable at the demanding route of Koskikierros Circle Trail (31 km, northern and southern parts, crossing the river using simple suspension bridges).

The crossing boats make shortcuts possible in the Koskikierros Circle Trail, by halving the trail in two shorter routes: Neitijärven kierros Trail (22 km, only the northern part, a boat crossing at Airovirta) and Vastuuniemen kierros Trail (11 km, only the southern part, a boat crossing at Murroojärvi, Vastuuniemi).

Check out Ruunaa's maps and trails when planning your hiking trip.

Karhunpolku trail (Patvinsuo to Ruunaa) bridge has been renewed

(Updated 2nd of June 2022)

Karhunpolku, trail which runs from Patvinsuo to Ruunaa hiking area and further to Kuhmo, is again in condition for hiking. The Niittykoski bridge on the Häähnijoki river has been reconstructed. The duckboards might still be under water after Aittakoski.

The maintenance of the campfire sites has been carried out

(Updated 24th of March 2022)
The maintenance of Ruunaa Hiking Area campfire sites has been completed. Firewood has been delivered to the campfire sites and other maintenance work at the campfire sites has been carried out.

Anttonen's campfire site at Neitisaari's southern end moved

(Updated 16th of February 2022)

The Anttonen campfire site at the southern end of Neitisaari, 2.5 km southeast of the Ruunaa Outdoor Centre, has been relocated due to low usage. The Neitisaari lean-to with its campfire site is still at the northern part of Neitisaari.

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