The accessible campfire site and board walk renovation works at Ämmänkoski have been paused for Chirstmas.

(Updated on December 15th, 2023)

Both campfire site and boardwalk path renowation works have now been paused for Christmas. 

The accessible route at Neitikoski will be undergoing renovations starting from October 9th.

(Updated on October 4th, 2023)

The renovation of the accessible route at Neitikoski will begin on week 41 (starting from October 9th). The work is expected to last until November-December, weather permitting. During the repair work, access to the Neitikoski riverbank via the boardwalk path will be periodically blocked. Please follow the specific instructions provided along the route when moving in the area.

Tetripuro Bridge is completed.

(Updated on June 19, 2023)

The bridge built over Tetripuro in Ruuna's Onkisuo is completed. It is now possible to cross the bridge again.


A fallen tree by the shore of Siikakoski blocks part of the passage at the moment.

(Updated 12.6.2023)

The tree has been cleared from the path, but removing it from the water will have to wait for the water level to decrease. Until then, we kindly ask for caution when navigating the waters of Siikakoski. 

Neitikoski boardwalk bridge repair works will start next week. 

(Updated 6th of June 2023)

At Neitikoski boardwalk bridge, repairs will be carried out on the most deteriorated sections. The repair work will begin next week and last for about a week. During the work, the boardwalk bridge will not be accessible in its full length, so customers are kindly asked to follow the on-site instructions.

Spring is progressing in Ruunaa

(Updated 17th of May 2023)

Most of the snow from the trails have melted and you can walk on the hiking trails again. It is still snowy and wet in places. Some of the trials are under water.

The Ruuna crossing boats will be moved into place today

(Updated 17th of May 2023)

Starting tomorrow, the Ruunaa crossing boats will be used by hikers again. The crossing boats at Airovirta, Naukuniemi and Vastuuniemi will be in use. 

The crossing boats are usable at the demanding route of Koskikierros Circle Trail (31 km, northern and southern parts, crossing the river using simple suspension bridges). The crossing boats make shortcuts possible in the Koskikierros Circle Trail, by halving the trail in two shorter routes: Neitijärven kierros Trail (22 km, only the northern part, a boat crossing at Airovirta) and Vastuuniemen kierros Trail (11 km, only the southern part, a boat crossing at Murroojärvi, Vastuuniemi).

Check out Ruunaa's maps and trails when planning your hiking trip.

The Neitijoki bridge renovation is finished

(Updated 12th of June 2023)

The construction works on the Ruunaan Neitijoki Bridge are finished. The deck planks, railings with posts, and the "walking bridges" leading to the bridge have been renewed. It is now possible to travel along the bridge as usual. 

Tips for the spring season excursions 

(Updated 17th of May 2023)

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