What's Currently Happening in Tiilikkajärvi National Park 

Check for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Gathering at the campfire sites increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Guidelines concerning coronavirus COVID-19

Autumn hiking tips from our customer advisors

(Updated 1st of October 2022)

Crossing Boats in Selkäsalmi Available until 30.10.2022

(Updated 12th of September 2022)

Crossing boats in Selkäsalmi are usable until 30.10.2022. Instructions for using the rowing boats can be found on the side of the storage boxes next to the boats. Life jackets for users of the boats can also be found in the storage boxes. 

Rehabilitation work and a visitor survey on Tiilikkajärvi National Park have started

(Updated 30th of May 2022)

The hiking season in the summer of 2022 has gained momentum after a long winter, and hikers and day hikers will once again have access to routes in the national parks of Eastern Finland. In Tiilikkajärvi National Park, some service structures will be renovated this summer and a Metsähallitus visitor survey will be conducted after a ten-year break. 

Tiilikkajärvi National Park 40 Years Celebration Trip September 3, 2022

(Updated 10.5.2022)

In honor of the national park's birthdays, we are organizing two guided tours from Sammakkotammi. The excursions are a great opportunity to get acquainted with the nature and cultural history of the area. Guided by Marko Haapalehto and Reino Juutinen.

  • Text of emblem: Tiilikkajärvi kansallispuisto nationalpark 1982-2022 Metsähallitus - Forststyrelsen #tiilikkajarvi40The event will start with coffee service at 11 am at Sammakkotammi (Valtimontie 1095, Rautavaara).
  • The first excursion is a 7-10 km long Uiton tour. We will have a lunch break at Uitto's hut (our own lunch).
  • Another possibility is the 17 km long Tiilikka tour. At a longer hike, lunch break is in Koseva’s desert hut and returns through the Russian sand.

Warm welcome!

You can share your experience about Tiilikkajärvi on Facebook #tiilikkajarvi40

Current hiking conditions in Tiilikkajärvi National Park

(Updated 5th of May 2022)

There is still a lot of snow at Tiilikkajärvi. The snow is soft and wet and hard to move on. We recommend avoiding moving on the ice. It is in the hiker's own responsibility to move on the ice. Also be prepared for possible spring floods. The duckboards might be partly under water, so bring rubber boots with you.

Prepare for bad, muddy and wet roads. For the time being, the road leading to the Pohjoisniemi parking area is not accessible. As the spring progresses, it is a good idea to reserve a shovel and a small bag of gravel or sand in the car for soft or slippery road sections. At the moment, we only recommend arriving via Valtimontie, through Sammakkotammi parking area.

Current about movement in Lake Tiilikkajärvi

(Updated 12.4.2022)

Currently, Tiilikkajärvi still has a full winter, so suitable vehicles are snowshoes. Melting snow also sinks in the grooves you walk. The ice situation is also deteriorating rapidly as spring progresses, so the ice is at your own risk. And please be prepaired for the awkward weather on the road to Hiirikylä.

Hiking is Prohibited in the Restrictions from 15 April to 15 July 2022

(Updated 12th of April 2022)

When planning the trip, please note that movement and landing are prohibited from 15 April to 15 July 2022 in the area shown on the map in Sarvisuo, Alussuo, Honkasuo and Hietasuo to ensure the peace of the nesting birds. In Kalmoniemi and Pohjoisniemi, movement and landing during melted land is allowed only on marked routes, in order to protect the sensitive ridge nature.

Firewood Supplies Maintained for all Tiilikkajärvi Campfire Sites

(Updated 17th of March 2022)

Firewood supplies are maintained for all Tiilikkajärvi campfire sites.

No Winter Maintenance on the Road Leading to Pohjoisniemi Parking Area

(Updated 28th of November 2021)

During the winter, only some roads inside the National Parks are maintained. Check the availability from the location maps and leaflets. For example in Tiilikkajärvi, there is no winter maintenance on the road that leads to the Pohjoisniemi parking area. Sammakkotammi parking area should be reachable also during the winter time.

Just to be sure, winter hikers could pack their cars with shovels and a small bag of gravel incase of thick snow sheets and icy slippery hills.

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