Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi


A nature themed exhibition with many kinds of photographs, information texts and dioramas.

Welcome to Korvatunturi Visitor Centre in Savukoski

Korvatunturi Visitor Centre in Savukoski is located in the home region of Santa Claus. The centre introduces the tranquil and thriving wilderness of Savukoski and surrounding areas. Visitors are informed of the fishing and hiking opportunities in the region: hiking trails, winter hiking, huts, and other hiking services.

Opening Hours 2023


The Visitor  center is closed. Calls and messages are directed to the Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Center Naava.

The Visitor Centre is closed and will open again for summer and autumn season in June 2022. We offer information and guidance for Metsähallitus nature trails of Savukoski area via e-mail and by phone also outside summer opening hours.

Outside opening hours phone calls will be directed to Pyhä-Luosto National Park's Nature Centre Naava.

Entrance to Savukoski Nature Centre Korvatunturi, which is located on ground-level. On front of the building is a sign with text Urho Kekkosen Kansallispuisto and autumn foliage rowans and twigs.

Contact Information

Address: Samperintie 32, 98800 Savukoski, Finland

Telephone:  +358206 39 7556 (Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi), +358 206 39 7302 (Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava), 

E-mail: Savukoski Visitor Centre Korvatunturi: savukoski(at), Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava: pyhaluosto(at)

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