A person sitting on a rock petting two sheep. Three more sheep on pasture and the gable of an old cabin can be seen in the background.


Among the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ekenäs Archipelago are boating, canoeing, diving and walking. There are numerous places for mooring boats and kayaks on the islands, and services for boaters are provided in Jussarö and Rödjan.

Parts of the park are closed to the public during certain times of the year. Please respect the signs!

Aerial view from the archipelago, boats moored at islets.


Almost 90% of the park's area is water. With its calm seas and idyllic scenery, Ekenäs Archipelago is made for sailing and motorboating. The Helsinki–Hanko shipping route runs through the park, and there are plenty of places to spend the night along the way.

There are camping areas, campfire sites and toilets in the ports of Modermagan and Fladalandet as well as in Rödjan on the island of Älgö. There is also a camping site to the east of Jussarö. In Jussarö iseland you also find an guestharbour.

A sunny day in Jussarö guest harbor. The sea is calm.

Nature trails

There are three nature trails where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the islands and the area's history. Älgö Nature Trail (2 km) focuses on the islands closer to the mainland and leads you through hilly terrain to the fishing village of Rödjan and an observation tower with glorious views over the sea.

Modermagan Nature Trail (1.5 km) introduces you to the flora and fauna of the outlying islands and takes you past an old splinter-proof shelter and dugout.

Jussarö Nature Trail (4.7 km) or the shorter nature trail (3,3 km) takes you past old mine shafts and into ancient woodland, a rare sight along the coast. There is also an observation tower en route.

Nature trail with branches in the forest. On the right, a sign showing how the path is marked in the terrain.


Navigate the archipelago by canoe! If you bring your own tent, you can also embark on a longer canoeing excursion and stay overnight. The southern parts of the area are only recommended for experienced canoers. Partners operating in the national park provide equipment rental services and organise canoeing courses and tours for beginners. Read more about safe canoeing.

Other activities

  • Geocaching: Geocaching is a fun way to explore the islands. Read more about geocaching.
  • Skiing: Skiing is one of the best ways to explore the area in the winter. Please watch out for thin ice on the sea! There are no ski trails in the park.
  • Fishing: Ekenäs Archipelago is great for lure fishing, ice fishing and hook and line fishing.
  • Birdwatching: There are birdwatching towers along the nature trail on the island of Älgö and in Lotsstuberg on the island of Jussarö. Arctic migratory birds can be spotted in the park in the spring. The park's signature species is the common eider, and white-tailed eagles can often be seen circling above the islands.
  • Nature Information Hut: The exhibition of Rödjan Nature Information Hut on the island of Älgö focuses on the park's signature bird, the common eider, and showcases the history of the fishing village.
  • Pick berries and mushrooms: Berry and mushroom picking is permitted throughout the park with the exception of the restricted areas.
  • Sights and scenery: The observation tower along the nature trail on the island of Älgö offers stunning views across the sea all the way to the southernmost parts of the park. The homestead of Rödjan is a great destination for families. The island of Jussarö is home to an old iron mining site and an interesting place to visit if you want to learn about the area's history. Read more
  • Learn in nature: Various activities are organised for school groups at Ekenäs Nature Centre and in its surroundings. The nature centre also has an auditorium that can be hired for private use.
  • Tour skating: Tour skating is the perfect way to explore the area in the winter. Please watch out for thin ice on the sea!
  • Diving: Ekenäs Archipelago is a popular diving destination. Diving is possible practically throughout the year. The varied seabed and sunken ships make underwater exploration a thrilling experience. Please note the restricted areas.