Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

Near Brägelholmarna and Dragesviken are restaurant and café services.
Dragesviken has also a summer shop.

Campfire Sites and Cooking Shelters

  • Tiira: cooking shelter
  • Koskelo: cooking shelter
  • Lokki: cooking shelter
  • Haahka: campfire site
  • Merikotka: cooking shelter and campfire site
  • Telkkä: cooking shelter
  • Lähteelä: cooking shelter
  • Strora Svartö: cooking shelter

Please note that lighting campfires is also forbidden at campfire sites if the forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is in effect. Check the current warnings ( This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a shelter and a flue.

Two wooden tables on the rock. The sea can be seen behind the trees.

Drinking Water

Bring drinking water with you to the area.

Waste Management

There are recycling points for mixed waste almost at every parking area. It is the responsibility of each hiker to dispose of waste that accumulates during an excursion. Take all waste out of the area to recycling points.
Biodegradable waste can be placed in a dry toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire.
Read more about litter-free hiking.


There are several dry toilets at the campfire sites and parking areas.
Toilet for the disabled is at the Haahka campfire site.

Overnight Stays

Camping is allowed for a maximum of 2 nights near the cooking shelters.

Services for Boaters

The area can be reached from Helsinki and Inkoo via the main fairway and the outer waterway which is 9 meters deep.

Guest harbours, places for about 160 boats

  • ​Porkala Marin, Dragesviken, Coordinates 59°59,0′ 024°25,6′. The fairway to harbour has spar buoys (2,4 meters). The harbour is sheltered also in bad weather.
  • Fuel is sold from automatic fuel dispenser.
  • The guest harbour is open from May to August. The services include electricity, fresh water, toilets, shower, sauna and waste management. The harbour also has a pump out station for septic tanks and bilges - temporarily out of order (27.7.2022).
  • The harbour consists of 30 guest places and 80 seasonal places. The harbour has a sturdy dock, a parking area, a concrete boat launching ramp and a place for a towing vehicle.
  • Lähteelä at the recreational area of Helsinki, Bränelholmarna, coordinates 59°58,9' 24°26,4', maximum depth 2,5 meters
  • Dock dues are paid with cash. There is a pump out station for septic tanks at the dock - temporarily out of order (27.7.2022). The harbour has a sauna.
  • Harbour has 50 boat places, of which 20 are buoy places. The renters of the places for small craft have the right to use the boat ramp.

Smaller harbours with some services

  • Stora Brändö, coordinates 60°02'31 24°35'50. A cooking shelter. It is forbidden to land to the islets south of the island and to the southern side of the island between the 1st of April and 31st of July.
  • Stora Svartö, coordinates 59°58'27 24°26'54. A cooking shelter and dry toilets.

Nature harbours

  • Träskö, coordinates 59°57'00 24°22'06. A nature trail marked with red markings (Träskö Circle Trail, 2,6 km). Mooring posts for boats. It is forbidden to land to the northern part of the island to protect seals.
  • Söderksär, coordinates 59°56'09 24°26'46. Mooring posts for boats.
  • Järvö, coordinates 59°57'42 24°29'20. Parts of the islands are closed.

Accessible Services

Accessible observation platform, dry toilet and parking area are located at Haahka in the western part of the area. The campfire site is not accessible for the disabled.

A wide path with a stone ash surface leads to a viewing platform. There are rarely pines on either side of the path.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

The closest service centre is the centre of Kirkkonummi.

Customer service

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
tel. +358 40 163 6200