Hiking Trails

There are about 50 km of marked trails in Teijo National Park. Most of them are 2 - 8 km long, and suitable for day trips, but by combining them it is possible to make a hiking trip that lasts for a weekend. The trails are marked with white (part of them also in red) paint on trees, and there are duckboards goin through the damp areas. Along the trails, there are campfire sites, lean-to shelters, and fishing spots. The most popular trails (2 - 16 km) around Lake Matildanjärvi and Lake Puolakka take about 2 - 8 hours to hike.

Two hikers on a bridge built for pedestrians. A lake on the right, a reedbed on the left. A cloudless sky and a rocky island in the background.

Starting Points for Trails

The trails do not have particular starting points, and you can start hiking from several places. There are signs to the trails from all the parking areas. You can start most of the trails described below from the parking area of Lake Matildanjärvi.

Nature Trail, starting point Teijontie 12 (25570 Teijo)

  • Totti nature trail 1,3 km (Sahajärvi), gives you a tour of the old manor park of Teijo. The nature trail starts by the old power plant by Teijontie road. Along the trail you will find steep edged rock areas, lush stream bank and hazel groves, and waterfalls, bridges and stone steps. The nature trail is marked with white paint, and there are information boards along it describing the area's natural features and the nature management work.
    • Services: Information boards along the nature trail

Four hikers walk on the path towards the camera. Hazels in autumnal colours bend their branches over the hikers.

Circular trails

  • On the Ancient Jeturkasti Trail, 4,6 km, you walk mainly in the middle of pine forest, go over a high rock and cross a small mire on duckboards. Along the trail, you can see Jeturkasti, an ancient shore line of the land uplift area. The about 20 000 square metres large stone field is 9000 years old sea shore, now 80 metres above the sea level.​​
    • Starting point: Matildanjärvi parking space (Matildanjärventie 84, Salo)
    • Services: Part of the trail (0,7 km), starting from the Southern parking space, is surfaced with gravel for those using wheelchair or baby pram. Kariholma cooking shelter along this trail is the only cooking shelter in the area with facilities for the disabled.
    • Sights: The ancient sea shore of Jeturkasti.

Two cyclists ride towards the camera along a wide path. Two orange route signs in a tree along the path. A fairly thin forest on both sides of the path.

  • The trail around Lake Matildanjärvi, 5,5 km. There are pine forests and mires along the trail. Most of the time, you will walk near the lake shore. In the western end of the lake, the trail goes through the village of Mathildedal and along a road about 450 metres.
    • Starting point: Matildanjärvi parking area (Matildanjärventie 84, Salo)
    • Services: 2 cooking shelters, 2 lean-to shelters with campfire sites, and 4 other campfire sites.

Hikers eating around a wooden table. A calm lake and trees in the background.

  • The Nenustannummi Trail, 3,6 km starts from the Nenustannummi parking area. The eight shaped trail takes you to Nenustannokka rock through ridge forests and mires.
    • Starting point: Nenustannummi parking area (Sauruntie 671, Salo)
    • Services: A campfire site.
    • Sights: The Nenustannokka rock.

A fire pit by a small wooden building surrounded by a coniferous forest.

  • The Lake Sahajärvi trail, 8 km, passes through forests and small marshes, and also crosses Lake Sahajärvi by means of two self-driven rafts. The rafts overwinter onshore from the beginning of November. Their return to service is dependent on the ice conditions in spring.
    • Starting points: Laviakallio parking area (Sauruntie 910, Salo) or Nenustannummi parking space (Sauruntie 671, Salo)
    • Services: Kalasuntti lean-to-shelter with a campfire site.

A hand-operated cable ferry photographed from the shore.

  • The Onnelannummi Trail, 3,9 km in the Northern part of Lake Hamarinjärvi starts from the Kirjakkala ironworks village, rises up to the Nikkallio rock and comes down to the shore of Lake Hamarinjärvi.
    • Starting point: Kirjakkala ironworks village (Hamarinjärventie 88, Salo)
    • Services: A campfire site, accomodation in the Kirjakkala ironworks village, a rentable camping ground for groups. 

Two hikers walk along the path away from the photographer. The path rises to a cliff.

Other Hiking Tips

  • There are many sandy forest roads which are not part of marked trails but may, naturally, be used by hikers.


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