What's Currently Happening in Sipoonkorpi National Park

Attention !

(Updated 27.1.2021)
There has been several burglaries at Sipoonkorpi parking places, lately. The situation is extremely regrettable and we are actively looking for solutions to prevent such crimes in future. Be careful, not to leave anything valuable visible in your car. In case your property will be damaged or stolen, remember always to report it to police.

Many of the Sipoonkorpi's parking spaces are crowded!

(Updated 9.4.2020) 
During Easter weekend (Fri-Mon) there will be traffic management (Kalkkiuunintie and Tasakalliontie) from 10 am - 3 pm (weather conditions permitting Su-Mo) for the drivers coming to Sibbo Storskog National Park. You can reduce the rush by choosing a different time for your hike than in the middle of the day. 

Parking spaces at Sipoonkorpi National park and its surrondings:

  • Byabäcken (21 parking spaces) Länsitie 237, Sipoo
  • Källängen (12 parking spaces) Länsitie 152, Sipoo
  • Bakunkärr (2 parking spaces, total of 37 cars) Knutersintie 421, Sipoo 
  • Tasakallio / Flatberget (2 parking spaces, total of 53 cars) Tasakalliontie 1, Vantaa -Frequently crowded
  • Kalkkiuunintie / Kalkugnsvägen (2 parking spaces, total of 18 cars), navigator address: Kalkkiuunintie 8 and 12, Vantaa -FREQUENTLY VERY CROWDED
  • Kuusijärvi / Hanaböle träsk (250 parking spaces) Kuusijärventie 3, Vantaa
  • Knuters (160 parking spaces) Knutersintie 667, Helsinki 

New accessible route to Storträsk fireplace

(Updated 17.2.2020)
A new accessible route has been built at Sipoonkorvi National Park. The route is demanding and it starts at the Tasakallio parking area and leads to Storträsk. There is a accessible campfire site, a accessible dry toilet and a accessible wood shelter at Storträsk. See the map (julkaisut.metsa.fi).

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