Enjoy the vicinity of the sea in many ways.


Hike in the scenic landscape where the forest meets the sea. You can sense the vicinity of the sea everywhere in the area; among the forests and at the windy, rocky shores. At this easy day trip destination, you can experience the rugged but lush nature and the colourful cultural history. Several campfire sites and rest areas make day trips easy for families with children. There also several trails to choose from, such as Vetokannas Trail and Teleberget Circle Trail, which both are classified as easy.

Two persons standing on a rock looking out over the sea. One person has binoculars in his hand. There are pine trees and a clear sky in the background.


Follow the exciting show of migratory birds at Porkkala, which is one of the best birdwatching locations in Finland. The migration of arctic birds is especially remarkable at Porkkala. The most popular observation points are Lähteelä/Sunds birdwatching tower and observation platforms at Haahka rest area and at the point of Pampskatan. These observation points are located near the parking areas, so it is easy to carry a telescope. Seabirds thrive in the area due to the diversity of nature. Porkkala has a considerable population of common eiders and it is also an important rest area for long-tailed ducks.

Two persons standing on a rock by the seashore. One person is looking at the sea through a telescope. A few pine trees and junipers grow on the rocky shore. A rocky islet can be seen in the background.

Sailing and Boating

Point the bow of your boat towards the narrowest part of the Gulf of Finland. Located very near the capital region of Finland, the arrival at Porkkala by boat is easy along the well-marked and sheltered boat passage. Experience the different islands and their nature and history. For example, Träskö island has a lake and Söderskär island has spectacular meadows and rocky shores. You can also go ashore at the boat harbour of Cape Porkkalanniemi and hike the versatile trails of the mainland.

 A sailboat with two sails sailing in a light breeze. Two more sailboats can be seen in the background and behind them a rocky shore where there is a lighthouse and pine trees.

Other Activities

  • Fishing: Porkkalanniemi Cape is also an ideal spot for fishing. In the autumn, Porkkalanniemi is especially popular for surf fishing.  Angling and ice angling are everyman's rights, but anglers aged 18-69 have to pay a fisheries management fee (eraluvat.fi). The fisheries management fee entitles an angler to use a single rod and lure. In other cases, fishing requires a permit from the owner of the water area in question.
  • Canoeing: For fans of canoeing, the area is an ideal destination.
  • Sightseeing: The Cape of Porkkalanniemi has several burial cairns from the Bronze Age. In the coastal waters, there are many old wrecks, some of them dating back to the Middle Ages. Landscapes can be admired from the birdwatching tower and observation points.
  • Cross-country ice skating: Porkkala is an ideal place for cross-country ice skating as the wind often clears the ice from the snow.
  • Diving and snorkelling: Porkkala is a popular place for diving and snorkelling. The changing shapes of the sea floor and wrecks offer experiences underwater. Varying seabed formations and wrecks offer exciting experiences under the water. Porkkalanniemi Cape is now home to a new wreck diving park, where divers can explore four marked wreck sites. Read more about wrecks (wreckpark.eu).
  • Swimming: There are no official swimming beaches in the area, but you can take a dip in the sea from the rocky shores. Note that good swimming skills are necessary.