Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • The area's only trail, the duckboard trail of Ilmakkiaapa, starts from the parking area by main road 4.
  • Driving directions to the parking area.

A wooden gate that leads to duckboards that go over an open mire. Behind the gate there's two information boards and a broader wooden duckboard area. The blue light clouded sky is reflected on the mire water.



  • Ilmakkiaapa Duckboard Trail, 400 m each way, is a trail by main road 4 which leads to the bird-watching tower by Lake Ilmakkijärvi. The bird-watching tower is an excellent place to observe birds on the aapa mire and Lake Ilmakkijärvi. Where the trail begins there is an information board about Ilmakkiaapa and its birds and wildlife. The descriptions are in Finnish and English. The trail is short and easy to walk and is therefore a suitable destination for novice trekkers and families with children. Most of the length of the trail is covered with duckboards, but at the beginning there are large watery mire flarks whose water level may rise onto the duckboards during the spring floods. Bogbean and rannoch rush are some of the most common plants on the flarks. The trail goes along the eastern part of the Ilmakkiaapa mire reserve.
    • Services: Bird-watching tower by Lake Ilmakkijärvi

Winding duckboards over an open minerotrophic bog in autumn colors. In the background is a mixed forest, sky is blue and has light clouds.