When hiking in Siikalahti you will hear the song of tens of birds and see the flutter of hundreds of wings. During the course of a year it is possible to see 200 different bird species. Spring migration is at its peak from the beginning to the middle of May. A little over 70 species stay to nest in the area, so there are various types of young in the area at hatching time. During one day visitors can see up to 100 species. Siikalahti along with the entire Parikkala area are the best place in Finland to experience the chorus of nocturnal songsters.

Two bird-watching towers next to each other by the shore. There are deciduous trees and dense water vegetation at the shore. The sky is clear.

Visitors can observe the thousands of birds at Siikalahti from various places

  • A bird watching tower is situated in the middle of the wetland 1 km from Siikalahti parking area.
  • A hide, (a hidden observation room) is located just off the nature trail before the bird watching tower.
  • There are several lookout points on the nature trail leading from the nature information hut to the bird watching tower.
  • The lookout platform is accessible by wheelchair and is located 300 metres from Siikalahti parking area in the direction of Kaukola.
  • Near the nature information hut there is a bird-watching tower, and its lower landing is also accessible by pram or pushchair.

Other interesting bird watching locations (visitparikkala.com) in the Parikkala area.