The Grounds of Kaapin Jouni

Rovâdâsjävri / Ravadasjärvi Open Wilderness Hut: The left side of the cabin has been locked indefinitely for 8 people due to a cracked fireproof panel. Urgent attention and repair are required as the damaged fireproof panel poses safety risks.
Vaskolompola open wilderness hut: A wood-burning stove is broken and not in use at the moment. Do not make fire now.

Northern Lapland Region
Municipalities of Inari
Lemmenjoki National Park
The area is managed by Metsähallitus

The Grounds of Kaapin Jouni at the northern end of Lake Sotkajärvi in Lemmenjoki are a significant landmark in the area. It is the old homestead of a famous Sámi family. The most well-known man of the family, Jouni Aikio, better known as Kaapin Jouni (1875–1956), was the "reindeer lord" of his time, the head and patriarch of his family. Before Kaapin Jouni, the site was the home of the founder of the homestead known as Menes-Antti or Karhu-Antti ("Bear Antti"), Antti Juhaninpoika Morottaja (1853–1907). The homestead was established in the late 19th century and has remained occupied ever since. The last member of the founding family moved away from the homestead in the spring of 2004.

The building complex tells the story of the diverse Sámi way of life – particularly the phase when the people began to shift towards fixed dwellings. The Grounds of Kaapin Jouni are important to the Sámi people; the site is part of the Lemmenjoki area's Sámi cultural landscape. To date, there are very few protected Sámi cultural landscapes and architectural sites, which is why the site is also significant on a national scale.

The state purchased the Grounds of Kaapin Jouni in 2002, and the site is situated in its entirety in Lemmenjoki National Park. There are very few sites of cultural historical value in the vast Lemmenjoki National Park. Other historically valuable buildings in the park are found at the old Sallivaara reindeer round-up site the gold-digging area and the small cottage on the Grounds of Matti Musta. The Grounds of Kaapin Jouni are a significant addition to the whole of Lemmenjoki National Park.

A maintenance team has been appointed to the site to manage the restoration, use and maintenance of the homestead and its buildings, with the objective of preserving the area's valuable Sámi cultural history and traditional landscape. The old items and artefacts preserved from the homestead have been inventoried. Under the supervision of the Sámi Museum, the items have been cleaned, photographed and listed as part of the museum's collection. Metsähallitus signed the homestead's inventory over to the Sámi Museum Foundation in the spring of 2008.

The Crounds of Kaapin Jouni is possible to visit with the local enterprises.

The destination is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

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