Hiking Trails

Nature Trail

  • On Ulko-Tammio Island, you can find out about the natural features and the history of the island on a 3-km-long Nature Trail

  • There is a 1.6-km-long cultural heritage nature trail taking you on a tour around Mustaviiri Island. There are information boards on the trail describing the rich natural features and cultural heritage of the island. The trail has been marked with cone signs. The terrain is varied and difficult to explore in places. In wet weather, the shoreline cliffs may be very slippery.
    • Sights: remains of an islander's cottage, sea views from the observation tower, a triangulation point on the Struve Geodetic Arc, military history, a boulder field and a stone labyrinth. Read more about the sights and history of the island. 

Boating and Canoeing Routes

There are no actual canoeing routes in the National Park area.