Services in Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari

  • The tourist information at the museum shop offers free brochures and a wifi. Information on nature tourism services in the Savonlinna area is also available.

A lean-to shelter and a campfire built inside a building. Lake landscape on the background. The walls imitate the pile of firewood.

  • The museum shop sells plushies, books, games, sweets, t-shirts, home textiles and plenty of souvenirs and other products.

A customer is checking out the sales products in a shop. The shelves are in different colours and imitate boats set upright.

Accessible Services

You can drive your car up to Riihisaari, but parking near the museum is not permitted. There is one accessible parking place near the entrance. The Riihisaari parking area is small, and 15.6.–15.8. parking is allowed only with a special permit.

All areas inside the Nature Centre are accessible with assistance, also the toilet in the lobby is accessible and there is a lift in the building.