At Pyhä-Luosto, visitors can easily make their own "pilgrimage". Amaze at the deep gorges and magnificent fell tops, and have a great time at Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava.

A view over forests from a high top with fells in the background.

Please note that hiking in the restricted area of Isokuru gorge (, in Finnish) is only permitted along the marked summer trail. This restriction is in force throughout the year. There is no winter trail going to Isokuru gorge, as there is a danger of avalanches.

Seeing the Sights and the Views

The landscape varies from rugged gorges and fell tops to herb-rich forests by the streams, aapa mires, and fells. The ancient sacred sites of the Sámi people in their magnificent environment speak of the merits of a natural and unforced lifestyle. Geological events that occurred billions of years back are still well visible in the scenery, putting everyday events into their proper perspective. Here, each and every visitor can discover his or her own most sacred site.


Two persons and a dog hiking in autumn forest.

The most stunning sceneries offered by the park can be reached on a day trip, although longer treks facilitate a better look at the nature. The park offers easy-to-hike marked trails (4-12 km) that are suitable for families with children. On these treks, children will develop a life-long passion for nature. The park offers challenges for more demanding hikers also: trails that climb up the slopes and down to the ravines (4-45 km) require extreme care but reward the mind and the body.

Hiking trips can be started at various spots: Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava, Luoston Portti, Rykimäkero parking area, or Käyräsvaara by Main Road 5.  Pyhä-Luosto is an excellent place for short day trips or as a starting point for longer hikes in the wilderness that go from hut to hut. Read more of the trails here.

A person with a backpack is standing on a wooden bridge.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is permitted on nearly a 100 km of marked trails within the park. Approximately 40 km of these trails are especially made for mountain biking, you can read more about them here. There is a A3-size mountain biking map, that can be downloaded from here (, Pdf-file 4,9 Mb) or picked up from the Visitor centre Naava. Good ideas for biking routes are e.g the trail around Ukko-Luosto fell (18 km), the route from Luosto centre to Lampivaara (5 km one-way) or the trail from Luosto to Pyhä (35 km).
A cyclist biking on a trail through a misty forest.
The terrain can be rocky or wet and muddy in some places. Biking is not allowed in the Isokuru gorge, or on the trail in Isokurunkangas and the southern part of Noitatunturi trail. In the wintertime biking is not allowed in maintained ski trails, in snow mobile tracks and in restricted zones. The winter biking routes can be found in the winter trail map (, Pdf-file 1,9 Mb)
A winter biker in a winter fell landscape. The biker is looking at the camera.

Cross-country Skiing

There are maintained ski trails in the Pyhä-Luosto area (150 km), most of which are in the national park. The ski trails connect the two fell centres, and entering the trails is easy. The national park ski trails are good for both, traditional as well as skate style skiing. 40 km of ski trails are lit. Popular routes for skiing are e.g. the trail around Ukko-Luosto fell and the trais in Rykimäkuru. Read more of the ski trails here. All ski trails in Pyhä-Luosto can also be found in th ski trail tracking system (, in Finnish)

Cross-country skiing tracks with corduroy for skating go along snowy forests with fells in the background.


Snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy the snowy terrains of the national park. There are marked snowshoe trails in Pyhätunturi and Luosto. In the national park and its surroundings there are approximately 19 km of marked trails. In addition, it's allowed to snowshoe on winter biking trails. Read more of the snowshoeing trails here. All snowshoe trails can also be found in the winter trail map ( Pdf-file 1,9 Mb). Snowshoes can be rented from the service providers in the area. 

Visiting the Visitor Centre

Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava is open every day of the year. Naava's experiential exhibition introduces the history of the fell area and its geology through the senses. The exhibition is free of charge. On their journey through the exhibition, visitors who are pressed for time will gain a sense of the national park's nature on even a short visit.

Naava offers cultural and nature-themed events for those with the time to fully explore. Premises are available for rent and are perfect for organizing nature-themed weddings, for example.

Café Loimu provides hot food and snacks before and after nature experiences. A warm welcome!

Two persons visiting an exhibition, there's a taxidermy of a bear in the diorama in the front.

Other Activities

  • Nature Trails: The Tunturiaapa Nature Trail (7 km) is a pleasant destination for families with children. The colours and unique atmosphere of the aapa mire are fascinating, and in spring the area attracts bird-watchers. The Luosto Nature Hiking Trail (17 km) is an unbelievable combination of the park's many treasures: fell landscape, rugged ancient forest, and aapa mires. In a clear weather, the visitor can see the entire fell chain in all its rugged glory!
  • FishingAhvenlampi, located right next to the centre of fell resort Luosto, is an easily accessible and magnificent fishing spot for the whole family. Ahvenlampi lives up to its name as your daily catch can include perch (ahven in Finnish), rainbow trout and white fish. Winter months are popular for ice fishing where as summertime is suitable for angling, fly fishing and lure fishing alike. Fishing here requires a permit, more information from Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava and local service providers. Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at (in Finnish).
  • Berry-picking: Blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) and crowberries (Empetrum nigrum) are found on fell slopes until the late autumn.
  • Freeriding: The steep fell slopes attract skiers, too. Always observe snow conditions and safety! In the Isokuru restricted area freeriding is prohibited, also in Peurakero restricted area between 15.2-31.5.
  • Visiting the Amethyst Mine: In the amethyst mine in Lampivaara, visitors learn about rocks and search for their own lucky amethyst. Start your visit from the Ukko-Luosto parking area and follow the signs along the route picking the ones that interest you.

Two freeriders on a snowy fell.

Suggested Trips

Suggestions for Spring:

Half a Day: Spot migratory birds from the bird-watching tower along the Tunturiaapa Nature Trail (7 km).

Suggestions for Summer:

Half a Day: Take a trip to Tunturiaapa Nature Trail (7 km).
1 Day: Hike the Rykimäkuru Circle Trail (12-14 km).
2-3 Days: Hike through the national park along the Pyhä-Luosto Hiking Trail (30 km). 

Suggestions for Autumn:

Half a Day: Climb to the top of Ukko-Luosto to marvel at autumn colours (46,5 km).
1 Day: Experience the Lappish nature in autumn along the Noitatunturi Circle Trail (14,5 km).