Welcome to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Riisitunturi National Park! 

(Updated 7/27/2022)
We will celebrate Riisitunturi National Park with outdoors activities on Saturday 3rd of September from 12 pm to 4 pm. The event has a free entry. 

The festivities take place on the main starting point and around the park. The program includes guided tours, live music and activities for kids. We also offer coffee and traditional Finnish pastries. 

Metsähallitus' guides and game and fisheries wardens will be patrolling the national park and offer guidance about the park and how to act responsibly in nature. 

The detailed program will be released in August on this website and the Riisitunturi Facebook page. 

The event is organized by Metsähallitus, municipality of Posio and local companies. 

Palotunturi Wilderness Hut renovation in ready

(Updated 6/15/2022)
Palotunturi Wilderness Hut in Posio was renovated and is now in use again. There is no presentation page on the website Nationalparks.fi.

New location of the Koljat lean-to shelter 

(Updated 3/28/2022)
The Koljat lean-to shelter have been moved one kilometer to the northeast to the top of Koljat hill. The lean-to shelter can be found on Riisitunturi Hiking Trail 26 km.

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations

Riisitunturi National Park updated Rules and Regulations (pdf 608 kB, julkaisut.metsa.fi) in Finnish.

The new parking area expansion has been finished

(Updated 8/10/2020)
The work on the expansion of the Riisitunturi parking area has been finished. The parking signs are still missing, but those will be installed soon. The expansion of the parking area was made outside the nature conservation area. Now there is space for around 200 cars at the parking area.


Biking in Riisitunturi area is restricted

(Updated 10/7/2016)
According to the rules and regulations of the Riisitunturi National Park biking is restricted only to the roads between Tolva - Niirokumpu and Jaksamo - Ruokamo. Therefore kindly note that it is not allowed to bike along the hiking trails Riisin rääpäsy (4.3 km), Riisin rietas (10.7 km) and Noukavaara - Kirintövaara trail (29 km). This is to save the fragile nature of Riisitunturi as well as to improve safety on the trails.

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