Malla Strict Nature Reserve is located at the northern end of Kilpisjärvi village, on the western side of the main road to Norway. In the west, the area borders on Sweden and Norway, in the south on the upper end of Lake Kilpisjärvi.


By car

  • Coming from Muonio, you take Road 21 (E 8) to Kilpisjärvi. After the village of Kilpisjärvi, you turn left just before the customs station to the Malla Strict Nature Reserve parking area, which is the starting point for the Malla Trail.
  • Another starting point is in the northern end of the village at Kilpisjärven retkeilykeskus, a local lodging and excursion centre by Lake Kilpisjärvi. From Midsummer until late September, the M/S Malla operates from Kilpisjärvi to Koltalahti.
  • Driving directions to Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre.
  • Driving directions to Fell Lapland Visitor Centre in Hetta.

By Public Transportation

  • Coaches ( run from Rovaniemi to Kilpisjärvi daily.
  • In the spring, there are flights ( to Enontekiö. Kittilä airport operates on a daily basis throughout the year. A connecting coach or airport taxi service transports visitors on from Kittilä. 
  • The closest railway stations ( are located at Kolari and Rovaniemi. Night/car-carrier trains are also available.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • You can start your hike direct from the Malla Strict Nature Reserve parking area at the northern end of the village of Kilpisjärvi.
  • If you decide to do the Malla Trail as a circle (Kilpisjärvi - Koltalahti - Three Nations' Border Point - Malla Strict Nature Reserve - Kilpisjärvi), it would be wisest to start the excursion by boat, as the M/S Malla operates according to the number of customers; if there are not enough people wishing to board, the boat stays put.
  • M/S Malla or M/S Maria ( operates daily (June - September).
  • Those hiking from Sweden or Norway and arriving from the Goldahytta hut, Gappohytta hut or Pältsastugan hut can join the trail on the western side of the park via the Three Nations' Border Point.
  • Starting points for trails.
  • More information about services in Kilpisjärvi.


Electronic Maps

Other Maps

  • Halti, Kilpisjärvi, Pältsa, waterproof map, 1:50 000, Calazo 2021.
  • Halti Kilpisjärvi Pältsan, water resistant outdoor map, 1:50 000 / 1:25 000. Karttakeskus 2021. 
  • Fjällkartan BD 1, 1:100 000. Treriksröset-Råstojaure: Swedish map of the Three Nations' Border Point area.
  • Norja 1633 II, Helligskogen, 1:50 000. Topographic map of northern Norway. 
  • Route Map of Kilpisjärvi Area (PDF file, 1.2 Mb,