Starting Points for Winter Trails

Please note: Cycling is prohibited in Valtavaara, Konttainen and Juhannuskallio. Cycling is allowed in the Pyhän jyssäys Trail in both winter and summer.

Hiker on top of the Konttainen fell.Konttaisen kuhaus Trail, 2 km, Circle Trail

Trail is a sightseeing trail that runs up the steps to the top of Konttainen Hill. From there, you will have a majestic view over Lake Konttaisenjärvi, Valtavaara Hill, Ruka and northern Kuusamo.

Available in winter by snow shoes or ordinary hiking shoes. 
Travel time 1 hour.
Category: Demanding trail. Demanding

Starting Point

Virkkulantie road parking area

Hiking structures

There are no services along the trail. Not allowed to make open fire.

Trail Description

Easy trail from the Virkkulantie parking area up to the Konttainen hill. Great sceneries over Lake Konttaisenjärvi, Rukatunturi fell and Northern Kuusamo. 

Trails is also suitable for winter time hikes on snow shoes. 

Route is recommended to hike on counterclockwise.

The trail is marked with signs and orange paint markings (Karhunkierros Trail). The trail is suited for day trips.

Also on summer time.

Please note

Cycling on the konttaisen kuhaus Trail is prohibited in summer and winter.

Three hikers on the Konttaisen kuhaus trail on a sunny winter day.


Hirsilampi Winter Trail, 4 km, Circle Trail

A pleasant, easy trail for snowshoeing or fatbiking right next to RukaVillage. 

Available in winter on snowshoes or fatbike. 
Travel time 2-4 h.
Category: Intermediate trail. Intermediate 

Starting point
Pyhän Jyssäys Trails parking area

Hiking structures
No hiking structures

Trail description
The section of the Pyhän Jyssäys trail is marked by posts with green reflector tape on them.
Trail direction: clockwise
The Hirsilampi section is marked with red rods. In paces, the trail follows the same route as Pyhän Jyssäys, but is shorter, cricling the shore of Hirsilampi Pond. The trail is shared with fatbikes and maintained by snowmobile (conditions permitting).


Antinperä Winter Trail (Onkersuo), 4.4 km, Circle Trail

The Antinperä (Onkersuo) Winter Trail is suitable for winter biking and snowshoeing. 

Available in winter on snowshoes or fatbike. 
Travel time 1 h.
Category: Easy trail. Easy.

Starting point
Onkerniementie Road 19, 93820 Kuusamo. No parking in the area.

Hiking structures
No hiking structures


Large snow-covered spruce trees on the top of Valtavaara.

Valtavaara Winter Trail, 5.5 km, Circle Trail

This snowshoeing trail to the summit of Valtavaara Hill is the longest and most demanding of Valtavaara’s three winter trails. Snowshoers will be rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view from the summit.

Available in winter on snowshoes.
Travel time 3 h.
Category: Demanding trail. Demanding

Starting point

Saarua parking area, East Ruka 

Hiking structures

Valtavaara day trip hut, Valtavaara campfire hut, Valtavaaranlampi lean-to, dry latrine and Ruka area services. The trailhead is at the Saarua rest hut, where visitors can make a fire, warm up and use the toilet.

Trail description

The trail starts at the Saarua parking area and runs up the foothills to the fire guard’s cabin at the summit of Valtavaara Hill. From here, the trail descends along the legendary Karhunkierros Trail and then splits off on to the trail leading back to Saarua.

Please note

Cycling on the Valtavaaran Winter Trail is not allowed in summer and winter.

A hiker dressed in winter clothes are wiping  frost of the trailsign with a mitten. Snow-covered trees in the background.


Pyhän jyssäys Trail, 6 km, Circle Trail

Views of the area surrounding Ruka can be enjoyed from the summit of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill. In the winter, the trail serves as a snowshoeing trail. From Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill you will have a bird's eye view of the ski resort.

In the winter, the trail is only open for snowshoeing and riding with fatbike.
The trail is often firmly packed down and can also be hiked on foot. 
Travel time 2‒3 hours. In winter travel time 3-4 hours.
Category: Demanding trail. Demanding

Starting point
Petäjäkuja parkingsplats. Adress: Petäjäkuja 1, 93830 Rukatunturi.

Hiking structures
Two scenic overlooks with benches and a campfire hut with a campfire site on the summit of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill.

Trail description
The trail is marked by posts with green reflector tape and red reflector plates. 

The Pyhän jyssäys day trip trail takes the hiker from the intersection of Plantingintie road and Petäjäkuja 1 at Ruka to the summit of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill, which offers views of the area beyond the ski reso

A day-trip trail. The trail takes visitors from the crossroads in Plantingintie road and Petäjäkuja 1., to the top of Pikku-Pyhävaara Hill. The trail's signposts are poles with green reflective tape and a red reflective plate.

The Pyhän jyssäys Trail is available also in summer time.

Please note

In winter, the Pyhän jyssäys Route can be ridden by bike. The route is not maintained by a snowmobile and no off-road permits are granded for the route. After snowfall and blizzards, cycling is possible when the route is sufficiently trampled with snowshoes.

Cycling on the Pyhän jyssäys Route is allowed in summer and winter.


Cross-country Skiing Trails

Valtavaaran latu Skiing Trail 10.5 km

This skiing trail is classified as demanding and is suited for classical and free style cross-country skiing. There is no specified direction in which the trail should be skied and there is no lighting. The skiing trail is maintained by the town of Kuusamo. There are connecting trails from this trail to other cross-country skiing trails in the Ruka area, such as the Virkkula and Vuosseli trails.

Hiking Structures: Valtavaara campfire shelter, Ruka Ski Stadium changing rooms, hotels, restaurants and cafés in the Ruka area.

Sights: Valtavaara Hil.

Read more About skiing in and on Maintenance Online (

Pyhävaaran latu Skiing Trail 11.4 km

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Valtavaara Winter Trails Brochure

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A bilingual, Finnish-English version (Pdf 2.3 MB, of the Valtavaara Winter Trails brochure has also been made.

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