Kevo Strict Nature Reserve is located in the area between the Karigasniemi-Kaamanen (road no. 92) and Utsjoki-Kaamanen (road no. 4, E75) roads. It is 60 km from Kaamanen to the starting point along Karigasniemi road and 70 km to Kenesjärvi in Utsjoki. The nearest airport is in Ivalo and the nearest railway station is in Rovaniemi.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails start at the Kenesjärvi and Sulaoja parking areas. Starting points for the hiking trails.

By Bus to Kevo

There is a bus connection ( from Ivalo to Sulaoja and Lake Kenesjärvi all year round, and also from Karigasniemi to Sulaoja as well as from Utsjoki to Lake Kenesjärvi.

Fly to Ivalo

There are transfers from Ivalo Airport to Inari (, from where you can book further connections to the Kevo route. Please note that a seat must be booked by 3 pm the day before.

By Car to Kevo

Sulaoja parking area, Karigasniementie 5648, Karigasniemi, Utsjoki (Road 92). Space for 40 cars. No winter maintenance.

Kenesjärvi parking area, Utsjoentie 2696, Utsjoki (Road 4, E75). Space for 20 cars. No winter maintenance.

After the hike, you can get back to the car by bus (, or local entrepreneurs can transfer the car to the other end of the route. You can get more information about the car transfer service from local taxi and tourism entrepreneurs (

Tip: Avoid crowds by checking when the peak season is.