New accessible trail in Martimoaapa

The new accessible trail between Hangassalmenaho parking area and Järviaapa is now ready and open for people. The trail is about 1 km long.  

Hiking Trails

The hiker walks along the accessible trail. There is a mire landscape in the background.

Please note, that some of the duckboards on the trails in Martimoaapa are in poor condition, walk carefully.

Starting Points for Trails

Nature Trail

  • A circular 3-kilometre-long nature trail for children with a fairy-tale theme starts off from the Hangassalmenaho parking area. It is recommended that you walk the route clockwise. Duckboards have been installed along most of the even trail. You can admire the mire landscape from a bird watching tower situated near the trail. 
  • Services: A lean-to shelter, dry toilet and waste disposal point can be found at the parking area.​

A hiker walks along the duck boards in a summer mirelandscape.

Other Trails

  • The 12.8-km-long Martimoaapa hiking trail passes through the Martimoaapa Mire Reserve. There are duckboards along about 8.5 km of the trail and forest areas have clear paths with red painted markers. At the end of Kivalot chain of hills the trail passes for two kilometres along the bed of an old winter road. Along the trail you can see open aapa mires with open-water flarks, as well as lush spruce swamps. You can easily traverse the trail in a single day or spend the night in one of the wilderness huts.
    • Services: The Koivuselkä and Saunasaari open wilderness huts are located along the trail. At both ends of the trail there is a parking area with a lean-to shelter, a dry toilet and a waste disposal point. The trail's third lean-to shelter is located to the north-west of Lake Martimojärvi.
  • The Keski-Penikka observation tower trail is demanding but short, only 2 km to the observation tower atop Keski-Penikka hill. It is recommended that you leave your car at the Jääkärikämppä day-use hut parking area (before the Kivalot starting point). From there take the gravel road and walk 0.5 km to the north-west until you come to the sign for the fire tower. The beginning of the trail passes along an easily negotiable road up the slope of Keski-Penikka hill. The last 0.5 km of the trail is a narrow, rocky path which can be followed using the painted orange markings along the trail. The observation tower, a former fire guard's tower, offers magnificent views in every direction. You can take a break at the Kivalot open wilderness hut at the foot of the observation tower.

A rock field at a hill slope and a  view to a forest, mires and forest hills in the background.

  • The Järviaapa Trail, 9 km, encircles the Järviaapa area. It is recommended that you walk clockwise around the trail. On this route you can easily explore the spacious views of the beautiful mire area and the wide variety of flora or you can observe birds. The trail has been marked with yellow paint marks on the trees, and it advisable to follow the marks carefully. There are duckboards on the wettest spots. The trail starts from the Hangassalmenaho parking area and for the first 4.4 km takes you along the Martimoaapa Hiking Trail. In Poropellonaho, the Järviaapa Trail branches off to the right. Finally, the Järviaapa Trail joins the children's nature trail, along which 400 metres remain before the starting point can be reached.
    • Services: There is a lean-to shelter, a dry toilet and a waste disposal point at the starting point of the trail. There is the Martimojärvi lean-to shelter along the trail. The shelter is located northwest of Lake Martimojärvi.

Duckboard trail through a wet open mire with cotton grasses in bloom. In the background is a small forest hill and the weather is light clouded.

Cross-country Skiing Trails

  • The Lautiosaari - Puukkokumpu skiing trail is 36 km long and maintained by the municipality of Keminmaa. It leads across the west portion of the mire reserve. During summer this same route is used as a hiking trail.

Snowmobile track

  • The snowmobile track, which starts from Kemi, joins the Ranua - Rovaniemi trail and passes through the western part of Martimoaapa. The snowmobile track stops off at the Kivalot starting point on the northern edge of Martimoaapa. You can find the location of the track on the Metsähallitus path map ( Maps of the snowmobile tracks and information on track permits, contact the Erä (