Sights of Repovesi National Park

The Lapinsalmi Bridge in Repovesi National Park is temporarily closed. Hikers are requested to arrive at Repovesi National Park through the parking areas of Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi.


Olhavanvuori Rock

The impressive view from the top of Olhavanvuori Rock streches out above forests and Lake Olhavanlampi. The cliff drops 50 metres vertically to the lake shore right at your feet. From there the lake looks like a small nest in the middle of the massive forest. A Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata) can often be seen gliding peacefully across the water. If on Karhulahdentie Road the shore of Lake Olhavanlampi is worthwhile stop, because from there you can admire the massive cliff-face of Olhavanvuori Rock. On calm sunny summer days the cliff glows in hundreds of colours, which are reflected on the lake surface.

A steep cliff rising out of the lake. Forest and clouds are reflected off the surface of the lake.

Mustalamminvuori Hill

The climb to the top of Mustalamminvuori Hill is demanding and it is just as difficult to decend, but the view from the top makes the effort worthwhile. When the weather is good you get a clear view of practically the entire park from the scenic lookout tower. No man-made structures catch the eye in the middle of the lush continuous forest. The water of Ruskiansalmi Sound glimmers between two capes.

An observation tower on a cliff top.

Lapinsalmi Bridge

The new Lapinsalmi bridge was opened in November 2019. The bridge is 55 metres long and crosses The Lapinsalmi Sound in 12 metres height. There are no restrictions regarding to the number of persons on the bridge like before.

Katajavuori Hill

A set of steps rises almost vertically up the side of Katajavuori Hill. This is one of the most scenic places in Repovesi National Park. Visitors feel at peace, when surrounded by such beauty.

Two hikers climbing some twisting stairs in the summer. They are holding on to the railing. The stairs are beside a steep cliff.

The Fox Ferry

The Fox Ferry is a fascinating part of the Ketunlenkki Trail (the ferry is not in use in winter)

Visitors traversing a sound by a hand-operated cable ferry.

Historic Sights

Rock painting at Olhavanvuori Rock

There are signs of the prehistory at Olhavanvuori Rock. In the year 2000 a rock painting representing a human hand was found there. Prehistoric drawings have previously been found in Löppönen Cave near Lake Repovesi at the south end of Ruskiansalmi Sound.

  • Please remember that prehistoric rock paintings are protected under the Antiquities Act.

The Collapsed Cliff at Kuutinlahti Bay

The collapsed cliff at Kuutinlahti Bay also bares evidence of man's prehistory. Kuutinvuori Hill collapsed about 9300 years ago. Duckboards have been laid across the boulder soil. Many concerts have been held at the site and the bay has fabulous acoustics.

Signs of a rock slide by the lakeshore.

Kuutinkanava Canal

Kuutinkanava Canal is an old log floating flume. It made it possible to float logs straight from Lake Tervajärvi into Lake Repovesi. The canal was built in 1912 and it is 270 metres long. Originally, the canal was surfaced with stones, but not enough water flowed through it. It was replaced by a wooden flume better suited for log floating. The last time logs rattled through it was in 1968. This tar-scented memory of the log-floating times restored in 1996. Tar was used to preserve wood surfaces, which were constantly submerged in water. There is a campfire site with a dry toilet and stages for canoes and boats by the canal at the Kuutinlahti Bay.

Kirnuhuoko Cavern

In the old days Kirnuhuoko Cavern with its 10 to 15 metre rock walls and roof which shield it from the world was used as a place for illegal spirit distilling (in Finnish called ‘pontikka').

Sights in the Surrounding Area

Elving Tower

Near Lake Repovesi is Elving Tower. It is over a 20-metres-tall, eight-sided, white tower, which stands out in these surroundings. The honorary mining counsellor Rudolf Elving had the tower built between 1905 and 1907. The tower was used as a look-out for forest fires and illegal hunting and fishing. During wartime it was used by the Women's Auxiliary as a look-out for air-attacks. The tower is located on the road leading to Orilampi on the cape of Kirjokiven kartano, an old manor, which offers nowadays services for tourists. The tower has been restored and is open for visitors during summer. Visitors can climb to the top of the tower and see the view of Lake Repovesi from this direction for a fee. The tower is not managed by Metsähallitus. The maintenance of the tower is performed by LC Valkeala. For more information on sightseeings in the area; read here (


Idyllic Verla is a factory museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is just a 25 minute drive from the Lapinsalmi parking area. In the summer, Verla can also be reached by bus on Repovesibussi from Kouvola or Repovesi. The machines of the old groundwood and board mill reveal what work and life was like for previous generations in a small factory village. Check out the area attractions, stories and wide range of services at

The year 1893 is emblazoned on the gable of a multi-storey brick building. People strolling the building grounds in the summer.