Top 5 locations in Syöte for nature photographers

View of autumnal forest wreathed in fog.

Syöte National Park is photogenic all year round. The wooded hills, open scenery, ravines and valleys, and small bogs and waters, together with the varied routes and services, make Syöte an interesting destination.

The guaranteed snow cover in winter, including crown snow laden trees, the varying weather conditions in summer, forests and bogs in autumn colours, open scenery, and fogs due to differences in altitude – all of these attract photographers to Syöte.

1. Pytkynharju esker

A hiker admiring the starlit sky at Lauttalampi. The sun has just set, but the stars are already clearly visible.

A handsome esker surrounded by small ponds. A breathtaking place for a photographer with a drone: with a single shout you get lakes, swamps and ponds with a beautiful fresh pine forest. You can catch an unbelievably sweet and tender shot on a late-summer morning, with mist rising from the ponds and early morning sun colouring the langscape with a yellow touch.

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2. Ahmakallio fell

A hiker admiring the sunrise from a viewing tower at Ahmakallio fell.

An observation tower. The trail treads in a handsome spruce and asp tree forest. Amazing views towards north-east. During winter the spruce trees are covered with a heavy load of crown snow.

The closest parking place is about 4 kilometres away. The trail is demanding.

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3. Soiperoinen lakeside

Aerial picture of the Soiperoinen esker, with a lake on both sides.

An esker devides three clear-water lakes. Highly photogenetic during summer time. This is the top place for a drone-photographer. Get some misty shots during late-summer mornings. 

Very easy to reach.

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4. Pyhitys fell

A hiker watching the sunset from Pyhitys fell.

A place for landscape and scenary photographs. The Pyhitys fell (422 m) offers breathtaking views to Lake Kostonjärvi and to the fell landscape filled with majestatic spruce trees. An unbeknown place for many. During winter the spruce trees are covered with a heavy load of crown snow.

The nearest parking place is about 2 km away. Easy walk to the top, but quite steep. Hard to reach during winter time.

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5. Iso-Syöte felltop

A hiker with a lantern sitting on the top of Iso-Syöte fell in twilight.

A wide and spacious viewing-point for the wooded fells. Amazing views towards the Syöte national park during summer time. In late summer, the mist often covers the valleys between the fells. The crown snow-loaded spruce trees are just a short walk away from the hotel's parking lot during winter time. 

Very easy to reach.

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