In Teijo National park, there is an Onnelannummi camping ground reserved for e.g. Scouts and groups. The area is suitable for large groups and camps for over 1000 persons.

A row of tables in front of a low wooden building. A few trees grow in the even terrain. A coniferous forest in the background.

Onnelannummi camping ground is located in the Northern part of Teijo National park, next to the Kirjakkala ironworks village and the Lake Hamarinjärvi. The land is mainly dry pine forest and there is little undergrowth. The camping ground follows the lake shore and there are row boats and canoes for rent. A 2 km long hiking trail goes through the ground.


  • All the prices include a value added tax 24 %.
  • The camping fee is 80€ (radical payment) + 1,90€ per person/a day. The fee is placed to cover the use of firewood and the erosion of the land.
  • A fee of 15€/tent/camp is charged for the use of stove-equipped tents to cover the increased use of firewood. 


  • Kirjakkalan ruukkikylä (
  • The turn of July and August is the most popular camping time; therefore, the bookings for that period of time are advisable to do beforehand enough.
  • There is a bar next to the Kirjakkala dam blocking the road that leads to the camping ground. When making the booking, it is necessary to inform if the bar is wanted open for the campers. 


  • Camping space for over 1000 persons
  • A cooking shelter that has an open hut kitchen. There is a water point in the cooking shelter that takes its drinking water from the municipal water system.
  • Two dry toilets
  • In the shore of Lake Hamarinjärvi, approximately 300 meters away, there is a campfire site and a beach. In the area, there are no official beaches. 

A close-up of a double kitchen sink. There is a wooden shelf attached to the log wall above the sink.

A roof covered outdoor kitchen with tables and benches. There is a woodshed and two wooden dry toilets next to the outdoor kitchen. The buildings are surrounded by a coniferous forest.


  • Teijo National Park is located along the road that follows the coast (number 1824) and leads from Salo to Kemiö Islands. There are signposts that state "Kirjakkalan ruukkikylä" in two crossroads. 
  • See: Teijo National park Directions and Maps

By car

  • Coming from Salo's direction, the turn towards the Kirjakkala ironworks village and the Onnelannummi camping ground is located approximately 4 kilometers before the Teijo ironworks village (approximately 16 km from Salo). From the Kirjakkala dam that is in the ironworks village, there is 1 km to the Onnelannummi camping ground. There is a bar next to the dam blocking the road. Therefore, when making a booking, it is necessary to inform if the bar is wanted open.

By Public Transportation

  • Vainion liikenne ( runs between Salo and Teijo during the school year (the transportation begins again 15.8.2016). The route is Salo-Teijo. Additionally, there are departures from Teijo to Perniö. The route is Teijo-Perniö.
  • A local village taxi, p. (02) 736 6410 / Laaksonen 


Electronic Maps

Other Maps

  • Maastokartta (Terrain map) number 2021 07, 1:20 000. The map can be bought e.g. from Karttakeskus and from the National Land Survey service points.
  • Retkeily GT Etelä-Suomi (Outdoor GT Southern Finland), 2012, 1:250 000. The map can be bought e.g. from Karttakeskus and from well-equipped bookstores.

Services in the nearby area 

  • There are row boats and canoes for rent both in the Lake Hamarinjärvi (can be rented from Kirjakkalan ironworks village) and in the Lake Matildanjärvi. 
  • The nearest grocery store is located in the Teijo ironworks village, approximately 5 km from the camping ground.

Maintenance and Management