Directions to Oulanka National Park

Oulanka Visitor Centre is closed from 29 February 2024. Hiking information Mon-Fri 12 am - 3 pm by phone +358 206 39 6850 and email oulanka(at)

Oulanka National Park is located 50 km north of Kuusamo and 40 km south of Salla. The closest villages are Käylä, Juuma and Hautajärvi. The nearest railway station is in Kemijärvi (130 km), but the best coach connections are from Oulu and Rovaniemi. The nearest airport is located in Kuusamo.

To the Hiking Trails

The Oulanka hiking trails can be accessed from the following starting points: the Karhunkierros Visitor Centre at Hautajärvi, Niitselyksentie at Hautajärvi, Savilampi, Ristikallio (Sallantie), Oulanka Visitor Centre, Oulanka National Park Camping Ground, Harjulampi (Liikasenvaara), and Juuma.

Starting points for summer trails, starting points for canoe routes, starting points for biking trails and starting points for winter trails.

By Coach to Oulanka

The Karhunkierros Trail coach runs on weekdays on the Kuusamo – Ruka – Käylä – Ristikallio – route. Connections to the Oulanka Visitor Centre, Juuma and Hautajärvi vary according to the season. Karhunkierros Trail coach timetable (

The airport bus is available to all visitors in addition to air passengers. Airport bus timetables (

Find the coach routes and timetables to Oulanka National Park (

By Air to Oulanka

From scheduled flights to Kuusamo (, there is an airport bus connection to Salla via Ruka, Käylä, Ristikallio, and Hautajärvi. The airport bus is available to all visitors in addition to air passengers. Airport bus timetables (

By Karhunkierros Trail Taxi to Oulanka

The taxi services in the Ruka area provide rides at a discounted rate with ridesharing to get you to the Karhunkierros Trail. Call the taxi and let them know the date and time, plus the number of passengers requiring transport to the Karhunkierros Trail. Further information on Karhunkierros Trail Taxi (

By Car to Oulanka

Oulanka Visitor Centre. Liikasenvaarantie 132, Kuusamo. Open all year.

Harjulammentie parking area. Harjulammentie 37, Kuusamo. No winter maintenance.

Juuma parking area. Juumantie 133, Kuusamo. Winter maintenance usually from the start of the winter holidays in mid/late February.

Karhunkierros Visitor Centre parking area. Hautajärventie 414, Hautajärvi. Open all year. 

Könkään kuohu Trail parking area. The nearest address is Liikasenvaarantie 138, Kuusamo. The parking area is at the end of a kilometre-long forest road branching off from Liikasenvaarantie. No winter maintenance.

Niitselyksentie parking area. Niitselyksentie 119, Salla. No winter maintenance.

Ristikallio parking area. Sallantie 174, Salla. Open all year.

Savilampi parking area. The nearest address is Teeriahontie 10, Salla. From Urriaavantie you turn to Teeriahontie, drive for 1 km and turn left, then drive 5.5 km along the forest road to reach the parking area at the end of the road. Oulanka Canyon is signposted along road 950 and at all crossroads. No winter maintenance. is a free map service provided by Metsähallitus. It can be used to search destinations, choose map layers and print maps.