Directions to Helvetinjärvi National Park

Helvetinjärvi National Park is located in the region of Pohjois-Pirkanmaa, about 50 km north of Tampere. The main roads from the Ruovesi, Kuru and Virrat directions have signs to the area.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails start at the Haukanhieta and Kankimäki parking areas. Starting points for the hiking trails.

By Car to Helvetinjärvi

Haukanhieta parking area, in the western part of the park, 34600 Ruovesi. Use the search term Haukanhieta, Ruovesi to find the parking area in Google Maps. From the Kuru-Virrat road (road 65), turn east onto Haukkajoentie, and then left onto Haukkamaantie. Follow the signs to the left towards Haukanhieta. Space for approximately 20 cars. Winter maintenance (a few days delay in ploughing the roads after a snowfall).

Kankimäki parking area / Helvetin Portti, Helvetinkoluntie 775, 34600 Ruovesi. The Kankimäki parking area is managed by the Helvetin Portti restaurant (

There is a separate parking area for caravans and trailers at Haukanhieta, which is on the left side of the road before the actual parking area. The Helvetin Portti restaurant ( provides services for caravans at Kankimäki.

By Bus to Helvetinjärvi

On school days, a regular bus ( runs between Ruovesi and Virrat. It stops at the Helvetinkoluntie crossroads. It is about 10 km from the crossroads to Helvetinkolu in the eastern part of the park.

There are daily bus services ( from Tampere to Kuru and Ruovesi.

Helvetinjärvi Brochure

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Self-guided Tour: "Finland's Cultural Landscapes"

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