What's Currently Happening in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

The winter trails of the national park

(updated 2/22/2024) -

It is still full winter in the national park. Be sure to check the weather forecasts (for example here, ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) and dress accordingly when heading for the trails. Please prefer the marked winter trails; inside the national park the snowshoeing trails and maintained winter biking trails are marked on the terrain with blue plow marker poles. You can get a free winter trail map from Visitor Centre Naava and from many local companies. The most popular trails like in Pyhä the snowshoeing/winter biking trail to Tunturiaapa and in Luosto the winter biking/snowshoeing trail to Lampivaara and the snowshoeing trail to Ukko-Luoston maisematupa are usually accessible with regular winter boots, weather permitting.

All cross-country skiing tracks are now opened and maintained. Please do not walk, snowshoe or bike on the groomed cross-country skiing tracks (pyha.fi) as they are only meant for cross-country skiing. You can rent cross-country skiing equipment from local companies, for example from Kairankutsu (kairankutsu.fi). You can check the latest maintenance date of the skiing tracks as well as the maintenance date of the winter biking trails on the real-time monitoring service (InfoGis.fi, in finnish).

There is an increased risk of avalanches (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) throughout Lapland, also in Pyhä-Luosto. Please stay on the marked winter trails to avoid unnecessary risks. There is no winter trail to the Isokuru Gorge precisely because of the avalanche danger.

Tunturiaapa bird watching tower has been taken down

(updated 10/19/2023)

The bird watching tower on Tunturiaapa Nature Trail has been demolished, as the tower was in poor condition and not safe to use anymore. The duckboards on the nature trail are also in poor condition in places, please be careful when using them.

Stair construction work in Luosto is completed for the season

(updated 22/12/2023)

New stairs have been made on the hiking trail from Tikkalaavu lean-to shelter uphill towards Ukko-Luosto Scenic Hut (on the section with very steep hills). This trail is part of the Luosto Nature Hiking Trail and the Summit of Ukko-Luosto Trail. The stairs are situated next to the existing gravelled path so you do not have to use the stairs if you do not want to. Please note that there is no winter maintenance on the stairs.

New Huttujärvi household water well is in use, boil drinking water

(updated 9/29/2023)

A new household water well has been installed near the Huttujärvi rental hut. The new well can be used but it is recommended to boil the water meant for drinking due to small amounts of bacteria found in the water sample. The well water can be used normally for sauna and bathing. We will announce when the water is good to drink straight away.

Finished trail renovation works

(updated 2/10/2023)

In Pyhä, on Pyhä-Luosto Hiking Trail (yellow trail markings) a trail part from Karhunjuomalampi to Huttuloma has been surfaced with gravel during the summer of 2023; the surfacing works are now finished. In Luosto, the Luosto Nature Hiking Trail (green trail markings) now has new duckboards. The duckboards of the Rykimäkero Trail (red trail markings) in between Pyhä and Luosto have also been renewed as are the duckboards of the Poropolku Trail in Pyhä and Luosto-Yli-Luosto Trail in Luosto.

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