Hetta - Pyhäkero 6,7 km

The trail's starting point is at Hetta Village. First of all you cross Lake Ounasjärvi by boat. Local private tourist services are doing boat transportation.  Another option is to go along the Mustavaara private road

From 5 km of the lake, at the foot of Pahtavaara Hill there is a campfire site. The trail travels through pine forest all the way to Pyhäkero open wilderness hut

Pyhäkero - Sioskuru 8 km 

The climb from Pyhäkero open wilderness hut to the top of the fell starts off as a gentle slope, but becomes steeper as it approaches the peak. A breath-taking view of Northern Lapland's great fells opens from the peak. In clear weather you can see the snowy slopes of Pältsä Fell and Moskukainen Fell all the way at the Norwegian and Swedish borders in the northwest.

On the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi there are signs left from the early days of ski tourism. One of the first tourist lodges in the area used to stand there. From Pyhäkero the trail descends over hillside mires and gravely ridges to Sioskuru open and reservable wilderness hut. 

Sioskuru - Pahakuru 12,1 km

From Sioskuru Ravine the trail climbs to both Siosvaara and Sillasvaara Hill. To the west hikers can see the hills of Haaravaara, Välivaara and behind them the grand Rautuvaara. There is a slow descent after which hikers cross the River Marastojoki. Tappuri open wilderness hut and the Marasto reindeer round-up site are to the left of the trail. The trail continues to the foot of Tappuri and from there to the hills of Rouvivaara and Pikkuvaara. The trail is easy to travel across the highland region all the way to Pahakuru open wilderness hut.

Pahakuru - Hannukuru 1,5 km

From Pahakuru Ravine the trail continues towards Hannukuru open and reservable wilderness hut. The Ounastunturi Fell and their signature peak Outakka are left behind and the Pallastunturi Fell rise up ahead. An old reindeer field appears quite suddenly. Full and lush juniper bushes surround the level-grounded field and old fell birches line the trail. The trail leads through level forest covered terrain to Hannukuru wilderness huts.

Hannukuru - Montelli 12,5 km

From Hannukuru Ravine the trail slopes steeply down and crosses over the River Hannujoki, which flows between sharp cliffs. From the river the trail heads to Suastunturi Fell. The gentle level topped fell offers a wonderful place to view the surrounding landscape. Looking to the west hikers can admire fen meadows, which supplied feed for livestock in past times, and Ruototunturi Fell, which is located in the National Park's wilderness zone.

The trail then passes through dense spruce and birch forest to Suaskuru campfire shelter. The trail slopes upward to Lumikero Fell, from the top of which you observe as the River Ounasjoki meanders for tens of kilometres. From the fell top the trail descends into Lumikuru Ravine, where hikers come to the fence that separates the lands of the Näkkälä and Kyrö reindeer herding co-operatives. There is a bridge across the fence.

There are a few small spruce and birch bushes at this point and the trail passes Vuontiskero Fell on its west side. The trail then descends into Röyninkuru Ravine and to the small Montelli open wilderness hut, which was used by reindeer herders in the past.

Montelli - Nammalakuru 1,2 km

At Montelli open wilderness hut there is a crossroads from where a trail leads east to Vuontispirtti and a smaller one which is hard to detect leads west to Kerässieppi. The main trail to Nammalakuru Ravine continues southward. After a short ascent the trail descends to Nammalakuru open and reservable wilderness hut.

Nammalakuru - Pallas 13 km

From Nammalakuru wilderness hut the trail leads alternately along the fell birch and spruce growth line to the foot of Jäkäläkero Fell and onward to Rihmakuru campfire shelter (3 km from Nammalakuru Ravine). The trail continues from the campfire shelter with a long ascent across the Rihmakurunvaara Fells to the valley between Taivaskero and Pyhäkero. Taivaskero, at 807 m, is the highest peak in the ridge area. On its east side is the deep and ominous Pyhäkuru Ravine. The ravines steep walls form a horseshoe and as a result of heat bursts of wind rise straight up towards the sky. On the horizon hikers can make out Yllästunturi Fell and up closer Lake Jerisjärvi and the Sammaltunturi and Lommoltunturi Fells which are part of the National Park. The trail descends along the southern slope of Pyhäkero to Vatikuru Ravine and continues to its end point at Pallastunturi Visitor Centre.