A hand holding a mobile phone showing Excursionmap.fi. Open the map of Gulf of Finland NP in Excursionmap.fi.

Excursionmap.fi is a free map service provided by Metsähallitus. It can be used to search destinations, choose map layers and print maps.

Printed Maps

  • Retkeily GT Etelä-Suomi, GT Outdoor map Finland South, 1:250 000, Karttakeskus 2019.
  • Terrain map, nos L433, L511 and L512, 1:50 000, The National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Peruskartat: Basic maps nos 3041 04 (Haapasaari) and 3041 08 (Ulko-Tammio), 1:20 000, The National Land Survey of Finland.
  • Pienoismerikarttasarja: Reduced nautical chart series, 1:50 000, series A, Traficom.
  • Kotka Loviisa Virolahti Waterproof Water Touring Map, 1:50 000, Karttakeskus 2023.