Vuovjjuš - Wanderers

The exhibits at Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre are actually one whole exhibition made up of several different sections. The name of the exhibition is Vuovjjuš – Wanderers. Vuovjjuš describes the Nomadic Sámi, the tenacious and self sufficient people who dwell in the fells. The Wanderers portion of the exhibition's name describes the species and landscape of Fell-Lapland. One of the best survival methods in this harsh environment is to keep moving. The reindeer is the central feature of the exhibition and is the thing that connects man with nature. Reindeer are untamed animals that must stay on the move to ensure their survival. The Nomadic Sámi have always lived on the terms of the animal and yet again and again reindeer and nature mould different aspects of the livelihood.

Wanderers in the North

The endless possibilities presented by the Fell area have attracted visitors from near and from far. Hundreds of years ago people did not travel as tourists to Enontekiö but each had their own reasons to set off on the difficult journey to get there. For the most part it was hunters, fishermen, tradesmen, clergy and explorers who travelled in Northern Finland. Even tax men found their way to Lapland's fells at quiet an early time.

8 Seasons

Every season in Fell-Lapland has its own special ambiance, which affects travellers as well as locals. The rhythm of life is determined by the area's different seasons, which determine when certain work has to be done. During summer the day continues into the night and the night into morning. There is no medium in the north. During winter there is continuous darkness, while during summer the sun never sets.

Lauri Pappila's Birds

The wooden bird collection by Lauri Pappila, an outsider artist based in Enontekiö, is a permanent exhibition at the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre. The lifelike wooden birds have been skilfully carved and painted, and you can use them to practise identifying the real thing. Pappila has carved wooden birds all his life, and the birds that thrive in Lapland are particularly important to him.

A collection of painted wood carvings depicting different kinds of birds.

Yrjö Kokko Library

In the visitor centre's library there is an extensive collection of works written by Yrjö Kokko an author from Enontekiö. The shelves are also stocked with a variety of books featuring Lapland's nature, culture and history. Yrjö Kokko lived on the Ungelo farm and most of his books described the people and landscape of the Enontekiö area. The library is also special as Marja Vuorelainen donated her entire personal book collection there.

Childrens' Exhibit Nestling 

A child has a desire to wonder and explore. In the exhibit clear images, colors, and shapes give inspiration to the imagination and fun. The illustrations are realistic but playful. The clear images, colours and shapes stimulate the imagination.

Animal plushies in the children's exhibit Nestling.

The blue sky unfolds across the fells and the summer is lush and green. On the soft stones of the bare fell top, it is pleasant to lie down and read for a while. At the Nestling Exhibition, children will learn how birds build their nests and how chicks are hatched. What kind of nest do the chicks live in? How is the bluethroat doing? 

Winter at the Nestling Exhibition is an interplay of the colours blue and white. Willow grouse family invites you to visit their snow house. An open wilderness hut provides warmth and resting place for hikers. Go for a Ride!