Accessible Services in Koli National Park

Parking and railcar

The railcar from the parking area to Ukko-Koli Hill can take wheelchairs. There are also two accessible parking spaces (one 310 cm and the other 370 cm wide) near the entrance of Break Sokos Hotel Koli. You can only use accessible parking spaces with a suitable permit. Otherwise parking in the Yläpiha courtyard is prohibited. 

Koli Nature Centre Ukko

All parts of Koli Nature Centre Ukko are accessible by wheelchair. There are wheelchair ramps to the exhibition area, elevators to the second floor, where the audiovisual equipment and conference facilities are located. The only accessible toilet in the National Park is at the Nature Centre.

The trail to the viewpoint

Near Ukko-Koli scenic viewpoint there is a separate demanding accessible viewpoint, which is at the end of a wide path. Read more about the Ukko-Koli demanding accessible trail, 400 m each way.

Accessible campfire sites 

Some of the National Park's campfire sites are accessible by wheelchair: Likolahti and the so-called prime minister's campfire site near Koli Nature Centre Ukko.