Directions to Iso-Syöte Hiking Area

The Syöte Hiking Area is located north of the Oulu-Kuusamo Highway (no. 20), about 60 km north of Pudasjärvi. The nearest airport and railway station are located in Oulu.

Syöte National Park is located nearby.

By Coach to Syöte

On school days, coaches run twice a day between Pudasjärvi and Syötekylä. Check the timetables ( The coach stops by the visitor centre when necessary.

During the skiing season, a coach operates from Oulu and Pudasjärvi to the Syöte resort on weekdays. In addition, the Ski bus from Oulu operates on weekends, check timetables and fares (

By Car to Syöte

In the Syöte area, the starting points for the trails can be easily reached by car in the summer. In winter, many roads are not ploughed, so please take this into account when planning your excursion. Further information from the Syöte Visitor Centre.

Syöte Visitor Centre, Erätie 1, 93280 Syöte. There is another parking area at the start of Erätie, 200 m from the centre. Ploughed in winter. 

Pytkynharju, Kellarilampi, Rytinkisalmentie 1834, Pudasjärvi. Ploughed in winter. 

Vattukuru parking area, Syötekyläntie 1638, Pudasjärvi. Ploughed in winter. 

Hotel Iso-Syöte, Isosyötteentie 246, 93280 Syöte. At the junction of Isosyötteentie and Metsäsyötteentie, there is a lay-by where you can park. Ploughed in winter. 

Ukonvaara parking area, Karsikkoperäntie 1591; about 17 km from road 858 to Iso-Syöte. In winter, you can usually drive until you reach the Pyytölammentie crossroads, where there is space for a few cars. From the crossroads, it’s 5 km to the Ukonvaara parking area. 

Soiperoinen, Soiperoisentie 57-59, Taivalkoski. No winter maintenance! 

Kouva, Roninkankaantie 6, 93250 Pudasjärvi. 

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