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In addition to national parks, hiking areas and World Heritage Sites, Finland is home to other wonderful destinations. You can go on a picnic in a protected area or hiking in vast wilderness areas where you truly sense the greatness of nature.

Protected Areas

Have you already experienced the springtime splendour of the blossom in Lenholm, followed the birdlife on the wetlands of Ilmakkiaapa, or wondered at the wall of sheet ice on the Syvänojanrotko Gorge in Kulhanvuori Hill? Finnish nature takes your breath away in all four seasons, and even a familiar spot can look brand-new when visited at different times.

Protected areas are relatively small and suitable mainly for day trips.

In most of the areas, hiking is allowed under everyman's rights, but access to some is restricted in order to protect the animals and plants. For example, strict nature reserves have been established primarily for the purpose of nature conservation and research. The Nationalparks.fi website includes those natural parks where hiking is allowed on marked trails. Roaming other natural parks is not allowed without a written permit.

Other Areas

Do you feel you have explored all corners of Finland? What if there is still a gem of nature hiding somewhere? Find a range of destinations intended for hiking and recreation but not established by law. These include, for example, Metsähallitus' recreational forests and many other popular destinations on State lands.

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