Kurkela, meeting venue

A meeting venue at Kurjenpesä, 15–20 people / 56 m2, two rooms (a kitchen and a conference space). The meeting venue is rented for daytime (9 am - 6 pm) use only .


Not available for booking at the moment.

The building is a former holiday cottage, which was renovated in 2004. It is located on the shore of Lake Savojärvi, in the eastern part of the national park at Kuhankuono, right next to Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut.


Western Finland, Southwest Finland, Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä
Coordinates of the Kurkela meeting venue: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 60° 44.418' lon: 22° 24.806' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6742597 E: 250049

Map of Kurjenrahka National Park.


  • EUR 30 / 4 hours (incl. VAT 10%).
  • EUR 50 / day (incl. VAT 10%). 


Electric lighting and heating, water supply (hot and cold water), sewer system, refrigerator and cooking plate.  There is tableware for 16 persons. There is a recycling point (glass, metal, compost and mixed waste) near the building. Read more about Outdoor Etiquette.

There is a cooking shelter, a nature information hut and a dry toilet on the yard, all fully accessible. There is no sauna or other washing facilities in the area. Swimming is possible from the lakeside dock. However, there is no official swimming beach. Angling is also allowed at Lake Savojärvi.


  • The cottage is not available for overnight stays.
  • The cottage is suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
  • There is a screen in the conference space.
  • Pets are not allowed in the cottage.

Driving instructions and public transport

Arriving by public transportation

  • There is a bus connection (matkahuolto.fi) from Turku and Säkylä to Kurjenrahka. There is an express bus stop on the Turku-Säkylä road (road no. 204), roughly 600 metres from Kurkela.
  • Local buses 21 and 23 (foli.fi) from the Turku Market Square run to the final stop at Tortinmäki. From there, the distance is approximately seven kilometres. From the end of April to the end of September, there are a few connections on certain days that will take you to Kurjenportti, which is about 700 metres from Kurjenpesä. 

Arriving by car

  • When you are driving to the main information point of the national park, Kurjenpesä, turn west from the Turku-Säkylä road (no. 204) onto the Kuhankuonontie road (on the left side when arriving from Turku). The road leads to the parking area of Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut (Kuhankuonontie 67), on the northern side of Kurjenrahka Mire. The intersection lies about 35 kilometres north of Turku. There is a national park sign along road 204 before the intersection.
  • Kurjenportti parking area, located at the beginning of the Kuhankuonontie road, is a large parking area maintained by the municipality of Pöytyä. From there, you can take the path or walk along the Kuhankuonontie road to Kurjenpesä. The distance is approximately 700 metres. There is also a smaller parking area at Kurjenpesä. 

Maintenance of the area

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. For more information: tel. +358 (0)40 163 6200 (The Finnish Nature Centre) or e-mail: info(at)haltia.com.

Booking information

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation.

Guidelines on using Rental Huts

Read Guidelines on using Rental Huts.

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Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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