Many Different Kinds of Destinations

Where can you go hiking by gleaming waters or sit down on a bed of velvety moss in an old-growth forest? Are there any national parks in Eastern Finland or hiking routes in Kainuu? Use one or more of the search options and find the best destinations for you from the two hundred or so destinations presented on the website.

Many Types of Hiking Destinations

  • National Parks are destinations open to all visitors. They can be used for recreation and experiencing peaceful nature while surrounded by magnificent landscapes.
  • National Hiking Areas offer a multitude of destinations for hiking and other types of recreation.
  • The characteristics and conservation aims of Other Protected Areas vary by destination. Some can be used for hiking under everyman's rights, whereas access to others is restricted.
  • The Wilderness Areas in the northern-most parts of Lapland offer an ideal environment for seasoned hikers who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness and hike without bumping into other hikers.
  • The Other Areas listed at include, for instance, recreational forests, sightseeing spots and public destinations that do not fall within the above-mentioned categories.
  • Embedded in nature, you can also find fascinating destinations representing History and Culture, such as heritage farms and sites with a military history.
  • The Destinations section also describes various Trails suitable for hiking.

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