Six of the Best - Finland's Most Popular National Parks

More and more people are discovering the pleasures of Finland's beautiful national parks. Listed below are the country's six most popular parks by visitor numbers.

Northern lights over a snowy spruce forest.


Some of Finnish Lapland's most beautiful landscapes lie in this long chain of wooded hills and open fells. More.


The Nuuksio National Park lies less than an hour away from Helsinki, but its well-signposted trails run through unspoilt wild forests and past many beautiful lakes. More.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

This park - one of Finland's largest at more than 2,500 sq km - is named after a former Finnish president who used to love to go on long ski-treks through the wide-open spaces of NE Lapland. More.


This beautiful national park near the outdoor activities resort town of Kuusamo in NE Finland contains unspoilt forest, raging rapids, and the epic 80 km Karhunkierros hiking trail. More.


Koli offers the marvellous view over Lake Pielinen from the top of Ukko-Koli hill. It's easy to see why this spot has attracted so many Finnish artists, photographers and nature-lovers over the centuries. Koli's hills and lakes provide fine settings for enjoyable outings and activities at any time of year. More.


The rugged rocky scenery and picturesque lakes of the Repovesi National Park give hikers the feeling of a true wilderness, even though the park is just a couple of hours NW of Helsinki. More.

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