Trail Difficulty Classification

The purpose of the trail classification and trail description is to provide nature visitors with essential information on the trail. The classification allows tourists or hikers to compare different trails and select the most suitable one for them. Comprehensive basic information on the trail also makes it easier for visitors to come properly equipped and hike more safely.

A small number of the trails maintained by Metsähallitus have been classified using the Suomen Latu’s Finnish Recreational Trails Classification System, but its use is being discontinued. In the future, the main emphasis will be on describing the trails so that each visitor can find a suitable route. However, nature sites may still have trail classification markings posted, where a blue circle indicates an easy trail, a red square indicates an intermediate trail and a black triangle indicates a demanding trail.

An information board in the forest showing the trails in the area.

Accessible trails

More information on the difficulty and characteristics of accessible trails

An accessible duckboard trail among the trees.