Favour Authentic, Local Services

A drawn picture. Three people are sitting on a lean-to helter in the evening light.
The Sámi culture includes traditional Sámi industries and their modern forms of practice, including small-scale tourism activities. 

Buy Responsible And Ethically Sustainable Local Products And Services

  • With the help of a responsible local guide, you can see and experience more and get to know the culture of the region. 

Buy Responsible And Ethical Souvenirs And Other Products Made Of Local Raw Materials

  • The Sámi Duodji brand guarantees the buyer that the product has been made by a Sámi craftsperson. It indicates that the product is made of traditional materials and is based on traditional Sámi culture, crafts and design (in Finnish, samiduodji.com), (samitrademarks.com).

Responsibly produced services (reindeer, fishing, nature tourism and souvenirs) and local food and craft culture support the vitality and local culture of the area. 

If necessary, utilise car transfer services provided by locals.

Be a responsible communicator! Do not share images or GPS tracks that violate the outdoor etiquette, regional regulations or good practices on social media (in Finnish, samediggi.fi)

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