Korouoma Nature Reserve

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Korouoma Nature Reserve - a paradise of ice falls

Korouoma location in FinlandLocation: Southern Lapland, Municipality of Posio (www.posio.fi, in Finnish). Read More.

Arrival: By car and by bus. Read More.

Activities: Hiking, watching the birds, ice fall climbing, seeing the sceneries. Read More.

Sights: The Korouoma area offers a multitude of possibilities for hiking, nature watching and fishing as well as learning about the culture of the area in context to nature. A fracture valley, ice falls in Winter, rivers, meadows, birds.... Read More

Suitability: Suits well for people Sopii hyväkuntoisille ympäri vuoden, requires basic hiking skills, kesäisin patikointia harrasteille, also for families. 

Services: Open Wilderness Hut, Day Trip Hut, 14 Lappish kota hut tai lean-to shelters, fireplaces. Read More

Trails: 7-8 kilometres of trails for day hiking, also a 30 kilometre long hiking trail going throughout the area. Read More.

This page address is www.nationalparks.fi/korouoma 

The area is maintened by Metsähallitus, Ostrobothnia Park Services

Customer Service

Oulanka Visitor Centre
Tel. int. +358 206 39 6850
Email: oulanka(at)metsa.fi

Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu
Tel. int. +358 206 39 6804
Email: karhuntassu(at)metsa.fi


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See Directions: By Public Transportation to Korouma

See Directions: By Car to Korouma

Services Offered by Partners in Korouma

Excursionmap.fi: Korouoma

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