Korouoma Nature Reserve

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At Korouoma the route between Pirunkirkko and Julmakallio is now closed from visitors. The stairs at the route are in very bad condition. We will inform later about the repair schedule.

Korouoma Nature Reserve - a paradise of ice falls

Korouoma location in FinlandLocation: Southern Lapland, Municipality of Posio (www.posio.fi, in Finnish). Read More.

Arrival: By car and by bus. Read More.

Activities: Hiking, watching the birds, ice fall climbing, seeing the sceneries. Read More.

Sights: The Korouoma area offers a multitude of possibilities for hiking, nature watching and fishing as well as learning about the culture of the area in context to nature. A fracture valley, ice falls in Winter, rivers, meadows, birds.... Read More

Suitability: Suits well for people Sopii hyväkuntoisille ympäri vuoden, requires basic hiking skills, kesäisin patikointia harrasteille, also for families. 

Services: Open Wilderness Hut, Day Trip Hut, 14 Lappish kota hut tai lean-to shelters, fireplaces. Read More

Trails: 7-8 kilometres of trails for day hiking, also a 30 kilometre long hiking trail going throughout the area. Read More.

This page address is www.nationalparks.fi/korouoma 

The area is maintened by Metsähallitus, Ostrobothnia Park Services

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Oulanka Visitor Centre
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Email: oulanka(at)metsa.fi

Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu
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Email: karhuntassu(at)metsa.fi


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See Directions: By Public Transportation to Korouma

See Directions: By Car to Korouma

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Excursionmap.fi: Korouoma

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