Many Kinds of Huts for the Hikers

There are huts which hikers can use for free, and others for which a fee is charged.

Free and Open Huts

The most common and well-known type of free, open huts are the open wilderness huts. The wilderness huts are meant for one-night stays. They are usually located in the northern and eastern parts of Finland, usually in roadless backwoods. Other open huts include day trip huts, which are not meant for staying overnight. Also open turf huts and Lapp pole tents are suitable places to stop and rest during the day, but in exceptional circumstances they can provide shelter for the night, too.

Nature tourism enterprises may use wilderness huts and other service structures such as campfire sites as resting places when arranging group tours or hikes, but this requires permission from Metsähallitus. Please note however that staying overnight in open wilderness huts is forbidden if on a paid tour or hike. In these cases groups should stay overnight in reservable or rentable wilderness huts or hotels or lodges. We also recommend that all larger groups even those not on paid for tours or hikes use tents or reservable wilderness huts as accommodation.

Reservable Wilderness Huts

Reservable huts are locked, and a fee is charged for staying. By using reservable huts, the hiker can be sure to have somewhere to stay overnight. A fee is charged for reservable huts, reservable turf huts and rental huts.

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation

Rules for Using Wilderness Huts

Read how to use wilderness huts

Safety Tip

There are fire alarms at wilderness huts, but we recommend to bring a 9 V battery and/or your own travel fire alarm with you.

Finnish Huts - Guidelines and Safety Instructions Video

Guidelines and safety in Huts. Photo: Jari Hindström

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